Why You Should DIY Your Own Bikini Competition Suit

Why You Should DIY Your Own Bikini Competition Suit

Ah, competitive bikini prep--you can't put a price on looking fabulous! From the coaching and PT to posing lessons and entry fees, you could be in for quite an expensive ride. And don't forget about those essential finishing touches: sparkly bikinis, heels that will slay your rivals (literally!), hair/makeup, tanning... this list just gets longer as competition day draws nearer!

Saving money is smart—but it's even smarter when you can get creative and make your own look for the stage. Not only do you save a few bucks, but there's nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment from wearing something totally unique all thanks to your own hard work!

For a shimmering statement piece that won't break the bank, our Glamazon bikinis are your go-to. With their full coverage of stones and easy DIY process -Even if you don't consider yourself an expert when it comes to crafting, a few hours of rhinestoning can provide therapeutic relief at night. Get creative in peace while tuning into your favourite podcast.

Don't cut it close when you decide to 'Glamazon' up for competition day - order your rhinestones at least 10 weeks out and set aside a minimum of 15 hours to really bedazzle that bikini! Trust me, getting serious with the sparkles will make all the difference once hit show time. Bonus tip: Get ahead of those last minute stresses by starting early – this way, as training and posing takes priority closer to comp-time, you can rest assured knowing everything's already rocked in crystal shine!

Ready to explore your creative side and take charge of your finances? Then it's time for you to try out DIY! Grab that wax pencil, let's start blinging some bikinis together - because if YOU'RE good enough I might even offer a job at the end. So what are you waiting for?! Let’s do this! #DOITYOURSELF


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