I'm new to this. Where do I start?

If you are brand new to bikini shopping, it can be really hard to know where to start. If you don't have any bikini style in mind, we firstly suggest getting some bikini inspiration from our Instagram account as well as talking to your coach to discuss what kind of style will work best for you. It can be really overwhelming trying to build a bikini without some direction, having a clear idea of what you want will be a BIG help!
Take a look at our gallery to check out our range of colours, connectors and embellishment styles before you start ordering to select the fine details of your bikini.
It is also very important to look at the Sizing Chart before placing an order as our sizes do vary from standard sizes. 

How Do I Buy a Bikini?

We have a few different options for purchasing a bikini on our site.
CUSTOM BIKINI allows you to build your own dream bikini from scratch in any colour, size, style and embellishment pattern using the order form. All you need to do is head to the home page, click CUSTOM BIKINI and you are ready to start! 
SHOP INSTAGRAM is a feature on our home page which allows you to purchase any of our custom bikinis from our Instagram feed. All you need to do is scroll through our feed, click on your dream bikini and add to cart without having the hassle and guesswork of choosing stones. Please bear in mind that this feature will only allow you to customise the SIZE and COVERAGE of your bikini. Everything else is ordered as is according to the photo. Please note that since these are all custom made, we require a 4 week turnaround for these for domestic orders and 6 weeks for international.
QUICK SELL is the best option if you need a bikini right away. They are all pre-made and ready to be sent next business day. Sorry but we do not alter these.
It is expected that you read the size guide and galleries before purchasing ANY of our bikinis! 

None of the Quick Sell bikinis are in my size. What do I do?

The bikinis on our Quick Sell page are pre-made and ready to go. If you found one you love but you want to change the colour,cut or style, the best option is to custom make your own bikini using the product details on the Quick Sale page and entering them onto the order form. This is found on the Custom Bikini page.
We do not alter Quick Sell bikinis. These are sold as-is.

Where do I find your prices?

You can easily find the price of a bikini simply by heading into the Custom Bikini page and start selecting any options. Once you start selecting options, the total price will add up down the bottom. The price of each item is also clearly written next to it in the drop down menu. Bikinis start from $AU145.00 and figure suits start from $AU175.00.

How long before my competition should I order my bikini?

You can order as far in advance as you like! The more time the better, it is always good to be prepared. We like 6 weeks for Australian customers and 8 weeks for overseas customers. If you are wanting crystal embellishment or a Diva Design please place your order well in advance. These bikinis are very time consuming as each crystal is hand sewn and glued onto the suit individually by hand so please avoid leaving your order to the last minute.  
If you order a bikini within 4 weeks of your competition date, you will be contacted to pay the Rush Fee.

I need a bikini NOW! Help!

If you are needing a bikini in less than 4 weeks, you may need to add a Rush Fee to your custom order or purchase a ready-made bikini from our Quick Ship page. If your order is urgent please contact us to ensure we can make it for you in time. During peak times we may not be able to fulfil rush orders.

How do I measure myself? 

Please view our size guide, this contains all the information you need to make your bikini fit like a glove.


I plan to lose a lot of weight before my show, how will my sizing work?

We ask that you order with your stage size in mind as our bikinis are designed to be worn when competition lean and your current size will most likely vary from your stage size. We use your current hip bone measurement along with your nominated bottom size and competition date to make your bottoms fit perfect.
If you are sitting between two sizes, we would recommend you select the smaller size if you predict to lose more weight. If you are already close to stage weight  then choose the bigger size.
If you predict that you will continue to drop weight or if you are ordering in advance, we recommend to select 'Confirm Hip Measurement 4 weeks Out' on your order form. We will then contact you to confirm your final hip measurements and adjust as needed prior to sending your bikini so it will fit perfectly. Please bear in mind that if you order your bikini at the 4 week mark then we will size as is and send without contacting you to confirm your measurements.
Please do not try to predict your cup size. We ask that you order your current cup size according to our size guide, rather than selecting your current standard size.
If you know your stage measurements from last show please use them.

How do I know what cut to get?

This depends on the size of your glutes and how revealing your want your suit to be. We recommend the extra cheeky or brazillian cuts for most bikini competitors. If you are competing in with a federation that requires 50% coverage get the cheeky cut. View our cuts here.

Please check with your coach or your local federation co-ordinator to confirm the appropriate cut for your competition as we cannot be held responsible if you order the wrong cut. All bottoms come with V-Shaped bottoms to help accentuate the shape of your glutes. 

Do you make figure suits?

We sure do :) Just like our standard bikinis, you can custom make any design in a figure suit. All you need to do to purchase a figure suit is select 'Figure Suit' in the 'Bottom Type' drop menu on the Custom Bikini page. Our Figure suits are an extra $30.00. They come with a criss-cross back and a deep V-Cut bottom. The bottoms are not scrunched. We can provide a scrunch bottom upon request. Please see our Size Guide for more information.


What happens if I receive my bikini and it needs to be adjusted?

We always ask that you order with your stage weight in mind, however if you receive your bikini and it does not fit please DO NOT PANIC! Simply email or call us clearly explaining your problem and we will do our best to help you. If your bikini bottoms are either too big or small they can be easily adjusted from the back bottom connectors by a professional dressmaker. This is normally the most time effective solution.

We get a lot of girls who have never worn a competition bikini before who are initally shocked by the briefness of a competition bikini. This is normal. Your bikini bottoms will be smaller than your regular underwear as it is designed to show off your glutes.

Usually the tops will sit better once you have adjusted the straps to sit firm across the back and at the neck. Our bikinis are designed to sit firm. Stage bikinis are different to swimwear and need to be worn accordingly.

The cup size and bottom coverage cannot be changed so PLEASE be sure to check our size chart as well as checking coverage requirements with your federation to ensure you are selecting the correct coverage, cup and bottom size as you will need to purchase a replacement set if we cannot easily alter your bikini.

If you are ever unsure please contact us FIRST before ordering. If you are in Australia you can mail your bikini back to us to be altered upon request. Please include a self-addressed express post bag. Fees Apply. 

What if my bikini breaks? 

Our connectors are strong and given that you are taking good care of your bikini and ensure to pull from the fabric, not the connector when putting your bikini on, your connectors should not break. Sometimes heavily embellished bikinis will be harder to put on as sewn on lace and stones can reduce the stretch. In this case it is advised to put your bikini on slowly, one leg at a time.  

Use your common sense--if you are laying down on the floor while back stage or pumping up, be mindful of your connectors! Treat your bikini and its connectors like a fine piece of jewellery!

Do not allow your connectors to twist as this will weaken the connector. Drape connectors naturally have a tendency to twist so you will need to be extra careful with these. Store your bikini with the connectors laying flat. Avoid storing your bikini with other items to prevent it being crushed.

We understand that sometimes, breakages can happen. If your connectors break or if you wish to replace them, you can post it back and have it repaired  or we can post replacement connectors for you to attach at your expense. Unless there is a manufacturing fault, we will not replace connectors for free. You can purchase spare connectors for peace of mind in the 'accessories' tab on our home page.  Please remember that if your bikini has been worn please wash it before posting it back for hygiene reasons. We recommend wearing a different bikini while practicing posing to ensure your stage bikini is not damaged before your big day. 


Does my bikini top come with padding?

All of our bikinis come with lining to prevent 'high beams'. There are pockets in the top to allow for easy removal or additional padding. You can add extra padding for $AU10.00 on your order form for extra boost.

Do you use Swarovski crystals?

We use both standard and Swarovski crystals. You can select from either Swarovski or standard crystals on your order form. Swarovski is an extremely high quality stone and is ideal for the ultimate bling!
Just because our standard crystals are not Swarovski does not mean they are not beautiful. Most of our bikinis use standard crystals, which are made from high quality glass and resin.  They shine beautifully and are more budget friendly. 

I found a photo online of a bikini that I really like from another company. Can you make it for me?

In short, no. We are originals in this industry! Not copy cats. Each bikini company has their own creative design and we respect the artwork of others, just like we expect others to do the same and respect our artwork. We will make our version of the design but it will look different and be made according to our pattern with our products.

Can you send me a photo of my bikini?

We get asked this ALL the time! While we do our best to take photos of our creations please remember that we physically do not have the time to take photos of each individual bikini, especially during peak periods. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  If you have an address, we can send you a bikini!
We offer international express postage with DHL. You will be given a tracking number. Postage normally takes 2-5 business days. After we ship your bikini and it leaves Australia we have no control over it, please be aware that sometimes parcels can get held up in customs. This is rare.
American girls--Please no APO's. DHL requires a fixed address. Sorry!
We lodge your parcel and take care of all the paperwork, duties and taxes for you so your bikini will arrive with no fuss.

 How Much is Postage?

We use DHL express for ALL orders as we treat all bikini orders with urgency, we understand that you want your bikini NOW! DHL is the safest and quickest postage service and your order will arrive within a few short days of dispatch. We have NEVER lost a bikini with DHL. Postage costs does depend on your country. Postage is normally between $50.00-65.00 AUD but prices do vary.
Australian orders are sent with Australia Post Express and costs $10.00. We use express so you receive your order within 1-2 business days. Standard Post can take up to a couple of weeks and is too unreliable so we choose to not use this service.

 How long does it take to receive my bikini once I have ordered it?

After your order has been confirmed your bikini will be made within 2-4 weeks then mailed out for all custom orders. Within peak periods turnover is closer to 4 weeks.
You will then need to factor in postage. Postage within Australia takes 1-3 days. Overseas postage takes 2-5 business days.
If you choose to place your order at 4 weeks out from your competition, you do risk receiving your order uncomfortably close to your competition date. We are not responsible if your bikini does not arrive on time.
Once your bikini has been posted we do not take any responsibility of lost or damaged goods. If you have opted to confirm your measurements at 4 weeks out, you can expect to receive your bikini within 2-5 working days from the date you send through your new measurements.

If I Choose 'yes' to confirming my hip measurements 4 weeks out, will my bikini arrive on time? I am overseas

Definitely! Once we have your final measurement, we will adjust and send within 1-2 business days. Postage is express with either DHL and will normally arrive within 2-5 business days so your bikini will arrive safely with plenty of time spare.

What is your return policy?

We custom make every bikini for you and make your bikini to your measurements therefore we have a very strict NO REFUND policy due to change of mind. This includes if you decide not to compete, for whatever reason. In the rare instance that your bikini is faulty we are happy to repair it.
The no refund policy also applies to accessories and incorrect ordering. If in the instance you ordered incorrect items, we can offer store credit. This is at our discretion.

How do I wash my bikini?

Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent, dry flat in the shade. DO NOT submerge or expose to direct sunlight. You will get step by step instructions included with your bikini.


 What is AfterPay?

Glam Fit Bikinis and Afterpay are working together to provide interest-free installment payments with no additional fees. Please note the minimum order is $50 to use Afterpay. Sorry, Australian residents only. 
If for whatever reason AfterPay does not allow you to open an account, we do not offer any payment plans. Sorry!
Buy now and pay later !! 

4 Easy Payments

Afterpay offers Australian customers the ability to pay in four equal payments over 56 days. All you need is a debit or credit card for instant approval.

Flexible Payment Options

The credit or debit card you provide will be automatically charged on the due dates of your invoice or log in to the customer portal to repay with an alternative method.

How does AfterPay work? 
  • Minimum Order $50

  • Maximum $1000 Limit on purchases

  • Checkout with the Afterpay Option on our checkout page

  • Create your account and confirm your purchase with Afterpay

  • Afterpay pay us on your behalf

  • Your order is processed and shipped immediately

  • You pay back Afterpay fortnightly via your chosen automatic debit

For more info on buying with Afterpay, head to : www.afterpay.com.au/buy-with-afterpay
For more info head to the Terms and conditions page :www.afterpay.com.au/terms


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