INBA is a very popular and internationally recognised federation. Bikini and Fitness competitors have free choice when it comes to ordering their bikini. You have the freedom to custom order any bikini in any colour, design and style, just as long as your suit cut is tasteful and does not detract from your physique.

Glam Fit Bikinis makes hundreds of competition suits each season for INBA Bikini, Fitness and Figure competitors so rest assured that we will create you the perfect bikini!

INBA are wanting their bikini and fitness models to be judged on ‘the whole package’ so it is important to have your bikini look stunning as well as balance you out. We will work with you to create a bikini as unique as you are and make you stand out from the rest! Whether you want your bikini to be fancy like our Diva Designs, or if you want to keep your bikini more simple, we are here to help you look your best!

For INBA Bikini and Fitness, we always recommend ordering a competition suit with bling, but keeping the bling within a happy medium and avoiding lace straps and chains. Depending on your budget and personal taste, anything from a gorgeous yet simple Glam Cascade embellishment to a Glamazon is popular with INBA. Brazillian and Extra Cheeky cuts are most popular with INBA.

We have many cup and bottom styles to choose from. INBA allows you to choose which ever suits you. If you are unsure of which bottom or cup style works best on you, our team will be ready to work with you to help you build your dream bikini!

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