Booty Band and Posing socks

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Booty Bands

  • Non Slip Grip Design
  • Medium resistance for beginners and controlled movements 
  • Portable and easy to take anywhere
  • Made from 45% Latex, 40% Cotton and 15% Terylene
  • Measurements: 82cm (32.28’) x 8cm (3.15’)
  • Branded with the signature GlamFit Bikinis Logo

The GlamFit Bikinis Booty Band is used for activating and strengthening the glute muscles Due to the versatility of this bands they will help to improve the size and shape of your glutes, and also improve multiple areas of your training..

Posing Socks

No matter how you choose to move your body, posing can wear out your feet, so make your posing sessions more comfortable with a pair of GlamFit posing socks.

Ideal for 'wearing in' your new heels and avoiding rubbing and blisters.


- breathable cotton fabric

- avoid rubbing and blisters

- sits above your ankle strap for extra comfort

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