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How To Choose

how to choose competition bikini
After after months of discipline, training and dieting it is important you put the same effort in to choosing your perfect bikini. We know that the right bikini will give you the confidence you need to look and feel at your best on stage. 

Typically when competitors first start looking they feel entirely overwhelmed. It not just about selecting your bikini based on what is “prettiest.” That's why we have broken it down in to 3 deciding factors.

#1. Colour

What colour bikini is best suited you your hair, eyes and body type?
Hair and eye colour will be the strongest determining factors. The tan is so dark almost all natural skin tone will be camouflaged.  

Red Hair:  

The cool tones usually compliment red hair best.  Consider greens and teals. Some purples, deep red tones and burgundies also work. Colours to avoid are light pinks, whites and silvers

Blonde and platinum hair:   

Blonde/platinum haired girls you are in luck, you have the unique ability to wear gold or silver well. It also goes well with coral, lilac, red, turquoise and mint/aqua tones. Some colours to avoid are dark greens, blacks and oranges

Brown and black hair:

In order to balance out the darkness on the top, those with dark hair will do best going with a medium to dark colour bikini. Any tone of red, from lipstick to burgundy, royal blues and navies, plums, purples and black would will also be suitable. Colours to avoid are hot pinks, white and coral.

Eye colour:  

When you are up on stage, your eye colour is not as noticeable as your hair. We would recommend considering your hair colour first then eye colour. 

Please keep in mind, that these are only our opinions. If you are not comfortable wearing certain colours, don’t choose it.  What you love and feel most confident in is ultimately what we want.

#2. Style

Make sure you know the rules and regulations of your federation.  Most discourage really narrow cut bottoms and thongs.  Deciding cut boils down to your physique; you will want to consider how each cut will accentuate your curves and hide your weaknesses.

Pro or brazilian cut briefs are best for girls who have great glutes and want to flaunt it. Not so confident? Our extra cheeky or largest cut, cheeky briefs will be perfect.

Standard cut bikini briefs are suited to all federations and all body types. be sure to angle your connectors up to the back an not straight. this will elongate your legs and give the illusion of a narrower waist. If you love particularly love this look we recommend our Euro cut briefs.

Your choice of bikini top are a Standard or Sweetheart Moulded, Slider triangle, Diva or Bombshell Diva. All are halter style tops with each providing something different.

Standard and Sweetheart moulded are great for all sized bust and  have a layer of padding sewn in to help enhance and shape the bust. Using padded inserts can give the illusion of a bigger bust, or you might want your bikini without inserts if you have implants.

Slider triangle tops are designed to slide along a draw string. This allows for more flexibility in the size and coverage of the top. This style is suited to competitors with both natural and enhanced breasts. It provides a little less support it is not recommended if control or support is of high importance.

Diva bras have been a popular style for competitors who are entering fashion focused federations such as WBFF. These tops are bra shaped and are flattering on larger busted competitors. Diva tops come as a moulded bra cup and additional padding can be ordered with your bikini, adding fullness and cleavage. Not recommended for small busted ladies as this style is unfortunately notorious for gaping. 

Bombshell Diva bras are out latest addition. offering deep plunging cleavage. This design is perfect for girls who want to be a little bit more sass and sexiness on stage. This style is ideal for girls with implants or a large natural bust.

#3. Crystals

BLING is the THING.  I’m telling you… if you can afford the sparkle then add some. We use both high quality standard crystals ans Swarovski crystals. If you are budget conscious, opt for higher quality standard crystals. If you are want the professional competitor look you can not go past Swarovski crystals.

Our embellishments are suited to all federations. Draw attention up with either our Starburst or Cascade designs. Create the illusion of a larger bust with either a Glamazon gradient or Double Cascade design. If you are budget conscious our Baby glam is perfect.

Doing WBFF? We recommend one of our Diva Designs. All are perfect for fitness meets fashion stage. If you are wanting something unique we recommend emailing us directly so we can create a one of a kind couture bikini for you.

The key is to pick crystal colours that will compliment your fabric choice. Add contrast coloured stones for them to stand out under stage lights, or keep it classic with crystal clear or AB stones.


We offer the highest level of customer service. We are here to listen to your needs and wishes and have the knowledge to answer your questions and make the best recommendations for you. We  have a passion for creativity and the technical ability to construct a quality bikini for you.  Finally if you are still not sure where to start you can always contact us directly on

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