How to Embellish A Comp Bikini

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The GlamFit Guide on how to embellish your own competition bikini.

I’m sure you have looked at our designs and thought to yourself, how hard can it be? You are about to learn just how easy it is to add crystal embellishment to your GlamFit Bikini.


Do you have a competition planed?

Are you wanting to save yourself some $$$?

Are you the creative type?

Do you love a little DIY?

If you answered YES to any of the above... you should be embellishing your own competition bikini. Or, at least be reading through this ebook to better understand the process.

So many people are dedicated to their diet and training, but when it comes to their competition bikini are happy to pay for others to do the work. Just think of all the money you will save doing it yourself. Not to mention the sense of achievement and how proud you will be on stage knowing you did it all yourself.

This how to guide will give you a comprehensive step by step guide on how to embellish your own competition bikini and how to get started.


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