swarovski shimmer

The latest Swarovski crystals for Stage! – Swarovski Shimmer Effect Xirius 2088 Review

Swarovski Shimmer

Glam Fit bikinis are excited to share with you the latest range on Swarovski crystals with you. 

Swarovski Crystal have recently contacted us and sent us a sample of their NEW Shimmer Effect Xirius 2088 crystal. THANKS SWAROVSKI!!

swarovski shimmer

Xiriux, named after the brightest star, Sirius. This line of rhinestones has a very intricate cut which makes them incredibly shiny under lights and perfect for stage. This cut has been around for a while and is the cut we use on all our Swarovski embellished bikinis.

These Shimmer Effect colours are created with a light coating of the AB effect, which creates the beautiful rainbow colour effect while the original colours underneath the AB coating still shine through! They are made with a softer, lighter refraction, which radiates 3 shades of the single colour - bound to make any costume more elegant, glamorous and sparkle more!

The best part about these crystals is the we developed for the stage. In other words they were developed for us!

Serious competitors invest heavily into their sport and they know that their outfits must draw the attention of the judges from the minute they step on stage. With completion in mind, Swarovski has combined their unmatched quality, durability and glamour with the new Shimmer effect ensuring the highest-level of performance.


I thought I would share a comparison so you can see the difference between regular AB crystal and the Shimmer effect.swarovski shimmer

As you can see the AB coating is much heavier and the original clear colour of the crystal doesn't shine though much at all. 

We have always loved using stones with the AB effect, because the multi-colour effect creates a more interesting shine on stage, sometimes the multi-colour effect was so heavy and strong that we couldn’t see the actual colour of the rhinestones underneath the AB coating. 

swarovski shimmer

But now, with the shimmer effect coating you can get the brilliance of the colour as well as the rainbow shine effect from the AB coating. 

All Swarovski crystal are simply stunning, but we are in LOVE with this new range. We can't stop looking at them!

There are 15 colours available, 

Black Diamond Shimmer, Blue Zircon Shimmer, Light Sapphire Shimmer, Cobalt Simmer, Fuchsia Shimmer, Siam Shimmer, light Siam Shimmer, Hyacinth Shimmer, Tangerine Shimmer, Topaz Shimmer, Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer, Silk Shimmer, Citrine Shimmer, Peridot Shimmer and Erinite Shimmer

black diamond swarovski shimmerblue zircon swarovski shimmerlight sapphire swarovski shimmercobalt sawarovski shimmerfuchsia Swarovski shimmersiam swarovski shimmerlight siam swarovski shimmerhyacinth Swarovski ShimmerTangerine Swarovski shimmertopaz Swarovski shimmerlight colorado topaz shimmersilk swarovski shimmercitrine swarovski shimmerperidot swarovski shimmererinite swarovski shimmer


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