WBFF Gold Coast 2017

WBFF Gold Coast 2017

It is good to be back! We cannot stop talking about the WBFF Gold Coast show, our heads are still spinning from the big weekend. As well as the glitz, glamour and fabulously well run show, WBFF is known for showcasing athletes of the highest calibre. The team at GFB HQ are in complete awe of the amount of talent, especially the homegrown talent making waves on the big stage.

A big congratulations goes to our sponsored athlete, Asha Coulthard. As you may know, Asha was a loyal IFBB athlete for many years but recently made her move to WBFF which was a very successful move. After 26 shows, it truly was an amazing moment to see Asha be rewarded and recognised for the athlete that she is and was able to bring home a Pro Card. She is a perfect fit with the WBFF community and we wish her all the best in her future competition goals. 

Asha had some tight competition, with our gorgeous SA girls owning the stage! Amanda Matthews earning 2nd place and Krystle Patterson walking away with an amazing 3rd place.


Other honorable mentions are Sophie Putland, Kim Nguyen, Elle Blackwell, Amy Ariston, Tayla Coulthard, Janere Reid, and our own employee Dee Black. The WBFF is a tough competition and we are all stoked with how everyone went. Our SA girls owned that stage and we are excited to see what happens next season. We are predicting the amount of Adelaide WBFF participants to keep growing--watch this space!

It feels strange coming back into work after such a big event. We have so many big ideas for the rest of 2017 and leading into early 2018. We are all extremely excited to share them all with you--there are some big plans on the horizon that are very unlike anything we have done before. Stay tuned as we will be announcing the news very soon!


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