WBFF Gold Coast

WBFF Gold Coast

Phew! It has been a mad sprint to the finish of Season B. Even though the season is mostly over for most federations, we are still busy with the last minute panic orders and competition suits for our girls in the US. There are still a few WBFF shows coming up in November, including UK, Miami and San Antonio. The WBBF Pro show in Atlantic City is in December and we are extremely excited to see more of our competition suits hitting the Pro stage.

We have not even finished the year yet and we are already getting enquiries for 2018 WBFF Couture designs! It seems so far away but it is never too early to start brainstorming your couture bikini. If you are stuck for ideas, the Pro Show is fabulous for drawing inspiration and spotting the trends for next season’s designs so be sure to live stream the show and keep a keen eye on Instagram.

On the topic of WBFF, team Glam Fit will be heading over for the Gold Coast show. We will be going as a support for our customers who have ordered couture bikinis as we want everything to be perfect on the day. Not only will be going to the Gold Coast WBFF for work, there will also be a staff member going over as a competitor and we are so excited! We cannot wait to see Dee bring her best package to the stage and turn some heads in her first ever show. Dee is one of many Adelaide competitors joining the WBFF this season. We have seen an increase in the number of Adelaide participants this season. Some of Adelaide's best bikini and fitness athletes will be heading down to the Gold Coast. The calibre of Adelaide athletes going over for the show is going to make for a very strong line up and some intense competition. We are extremely excited to see how our home girls fare on the big stage and we are predicting a Pro Card for a local girl. Adelaide represent!

We have made some of our most beautiful competition suits to date for the Gold Coast show. This year we are seeing competitors step away from golds/rose gold and going for some bolder colours, such as Teal, Red and Turquoise. We have also seen lots of chokers and bold necklines as this allows competitors to highlight their chest and deltoids, and show their physique without covering up their torso.

Be sure to watch our Instagram story over the next week to stay up-to-date with our trip to the Gold Coast, photos from the Registration Night and the competition…and the epic cheat meal that is sure to follow.

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