3 Important Competition Day Tips

3 Important Competition Day Tips

If you have made the choice to compete and you have your training and meal plan underway but are wondering what will show day entail, read on. In the coming weeks you will be working towards your personal goals and feel like your whole life revolves around one mission. Many competitors, especially first time competitors forget to plan for show day. Here are a few tips to keep you on track.

  1. Your competition Bikini, accessories and Jewellery are one of the most important aspects of show day. All of you memories and photos from the day will be with the bikini you choose to order.b] when choosing a competition bikini, it is important that you don’t pick a bikini simply because you think it’s pretty or someone else wore one like it. Your competition suit needs to be suited to you, it’s important that you choose a color and style that compliments your features as well as your hair/skin tones. For Competition Jewellery we have so many styles to choose from, that you will be able to find the most flattering for your face and figure, whether you want a long pair of earrings to elongate your neck or a sparkly bracelet to show off you arms.


  1. Your stage presence while in your competition bikini plays a vital role in how well you place in your competition. Your stage time is so short in comparison to the weeks and hours that you have been training hard and dieting, don’t let it all go to waste. The only way to overcome this is by practicing your routine everyday, just like you would train or meal prep. What most competitors do is practice their routine in a posing bikini, we find most girls will order a plain bikini for this.


  1. On the day of your competition being prepared will be essential. If you’ve never competed before you’ll find that being backstage can be a very long, chaotic and nerve racking process. Having your bag of comp day essentials will make your day run a lot smoother, with your competition bikini, stage jewellery and accessories all in the one place you won’t have to stress.


Good luck with the rest of your prep and we hope that you can bring your best package to the stage while wearing a Glamfit Bikini. We can't wait to see all your photos on Instagram, don't forget to tag us!

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