5 tips for ordering a competition bikini online

5 things to think about when ordering your competition bikini online

There are so many things to think about when you first look at ordering your competition bikini online. It can become very overwhelming when you see how many options there are.

The first thing you want to think about it your time frame. At GlamFit bikinis we recommend ordering your competition suit anytime from 16 weeks out. This will be different depending upon the individual, how much weight they must lose and how their body will change.

If you are expecting quite a dramatic weight loss of 7kgs or more I would recommend waiting until you are closer to your show before order, as you will have a better idea of sizing at 8 weeks out.

Our standard production time is 4 weeks for standard bikinis and 8 weeks for couture WBFF bikinis. We always recommend selecting express shipping, as you will spend less time worrying about when your order will arrive. However, we understand express shipping can be expensive, so we also offer standard shipping as an option too. Make sure you allow enough time for both production and shipping when placing your order.

Thirdly, set your self a budget. No one knows how much you have spent on your bikini other than you and me. The most expensive suit in the world will not win you a show. Be realistic with what you can afford, our custom bikinis for ICN, IFBB or NPC range is price from AU$155-$650. Our Diva Design and Couture Bikinis for WBFF range in price form $550-$1500.00. The more work and crystal in your bikini the more expensive the suit. Don’t forget we also sell Swarovski crystals separately if DIY is your thing.

Next big decision is style. For ICN, IFBB or NPC we have found more traditional bodybuilding style bikinis are popular for these federations. Keep it simple and classy. If you want the extra glam to feel like a queen on the day our Glamazon styles are for you. For WBFF you can go to town on the design, anything is allowed so this is your change to get creating with different necklines and additions.

Final decision is the colour. Choosing the perfect colour online can be hard. That is why we offer the option to purchase fabric samples. Order the samples well in advance so you give yourself plenty of time to think it over without the pressure of making a rushed decision. Ask friends and family what colours they like best on you. Think about outfits you have worn that people have said you look good in; this is a great way to decide. If you are really confused on colour this normally means you like everything, that’s not a bad thing. It means you will love whatever you decide upon.

In conclusion, make sure you allow yourself time to make decisions and be organised. This will eliminate any stress you have ordering online. Reach out to us if you have any questions before ordering. We have over 5 years’ experience with selling competition bikinis online and have grown our customer base year after year, so you know you are in the best hands ordering from GlamFit Bikinis.

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