Bikini Competition Day Essentials

Bikini Competition Day Essentials

Competition Day Essentials

Leading up to your bikini competition, you may be wondering what to pack for the day. We have compiled a list of our favourite things to have with us on the big day. You have worked so hard for this day, the last thing you need is to forget something! 
Whether you are competing in your home state or travelling, a good size bag (using your carry on luggage bag is a great Pro tip) to keep all your precious competition accessories safe and sound.

Bikini Competitors

1) Glamfit Bikinis Competition Bikini, this is a no brainer. having a Glamfit Competition bikini means you will be wearing a unique bikini handmade with high quality design and craftsmanship.

2) Glamfit Bikini's Bikini Carry Case to keep your competition bikini safe and in mint condition, this is vital if you plan on travelling for you competiton.

Competition Day Essentials

3) Loose Dark Clothing for tanning appointments before your competition day.

4) Bikini Competition Jewellery, you can't go onstage with out some extra bling, make sure you have a new set that has been kept in a protective box or bag. You want your competition jewellery to bring the most sparkle on stage.

5) Comp Day Robe to protect your tan! you don't want someone to brush past and ruin your tan. It also makes it comfortable for you to relax with your feet up while waiting for your stage time.

Competition Day Robe
6) Bikini Bum Tape! make sure you have your cheeks in check, Bikini Bum Tape is Medical Grade, Waterproof, Durable and long lasting, Gentle on skin, Clear and discreet

7) Posing Suit or Practice Bikini, especially if you are travelling. this will be ideal for daily check ins with your coach leading up to show day. 

8) Extra Padding, leading up to your competition you may find your bust will shrink. That is not a problem with our competition bikinis as we include an insert pocket with in our design so you can customize your padding.

9) Touch up kit with makeup, eyelash glue, tweezers, Bikini Bum Tape.

10) Straightener or Curler, keep these in your bag in case you need to touch up on show day.

11) Stage Heels

12) Headphones and iPhone charger

13) Meals and Snacks according to your plan

14) Resistance bands for backstage pump up

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