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Competition Makeup: Is a professional makeup artist essential?

Glamfit Bikinis has teamed up with Lenise Latino to bring you our latest blog installment about Comp Day Make up.

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As a professional makeup artist and WBFF competitor, I can tell you from experience, that game day for a fitness competition is full of so many thoughts & emotions. Excited, scared, overwhelmed, nervous, ‘Am I lean enough?, ‘I hope I don’t fall over in my heels’, the list goes on. The last thing you want to be worried about is having to tackle your own makeup. 

Having a professional makeup artist is essential for many reasons. The first big one is having to colour match your makeup with your very dark stage tan. Professional makeup artists who specialise in this particular style of makeup have done it many times. They are more than familiar enough with how much darker or lighter your face needs to be than the stage tan and also ensuring it doesn’t look ‘dirty’ or ‘muddy'. Usually being a lot more dehydrated than normal, foundation can take to the skin differently as well, which is where your professional makeup artist will have the tricks and necessary products to ensure your makeup still blends perfectly.

Comp Day makeup

The second would be knowing what colours for the eyes, lips and cheeks are going to work best against the dark stage tan shades. A lot of the normal colours that you would use on a daily bases are more than likely going to fade and look washed out on dark skin, especially under the bright stage lights. This is where your makeup artist will know and be used to what colours and tones are still going to look beautiful but also stand out enough on stage to help you shine!

Glamfit Bikinis Make up Glamfit Bikinis Makeup

The last point for me would be the longevity of your makeup. A professional makeup artist specialises in using certain products and steps to ensure your makeup is going to last from those super early morning starts of makeup application, to when you finish up your special day into the evening.

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