How to Choose The Perfect Colour Competition Bikini

How to Choose The Perfect Colour Competition Bikini

For some competitors choosing the perfect colour competition bikini can be a really easy process. Others become overwhelmed with the huge range of colours we have available. So, I thought after many years of guiding girls online and instore its time I share my secrets on how to choose the perfect colour bikini.


What colours have you seen that you love?

I find most of the time when I get asked this question you have already spent countless hours stalking of our Instagram (@glamfitbikinis) and have found a few bikinis you have fallen in love with. This colour is a good place to start, you want to love your bikini, and I can reassure you that if you love a picture of it on Instagram you are only going to love it more once you’ve see it glisten in real life.


What suits your hair and eye colour.

As a rule of thumb, I think bold colours look great on everyone, but let’s dive a little deeper.

Blonde – Blondes can wear a huge variety of colours. Bold colours like red, royal blue and teal look great. As do softer colours like coral, mint, white or turquoise. Colours to avoid are black or yellow

Brunette – Deep or bold colours look great on brunettes. Burgundy, midnight blue and emerald greens are stunning. You can also wear bright purples, pinks or even black.

Red – Teal, Burgundy or deep purples are stunning on red heads. Royal Blue is also a beautiful choice. Avoid orange! Orange hair, tan and bikini, not a good look.

Colours to avoid are pale pinks and purples. Unless you are competing with the WBFF federation as their stage lighting is less harsh and flatters all colours.


Still stuck?

If you are lucky enough to be in Adelaide, you can organise an in-store consultation. We can go though different colours with you and figure out what suits you best. However, I know majority of our customers don’t have this luxury. In this case I would recommend ordering fabric samples, you will then be able to see the fabrics in person and make an accurate judgment.

The most important tip is to get the suit that YOU want to get. It’s your day, you should pick a bikini that will make you feel confident and one that you absolutely love.

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