How to clean your competition bikini

How to clean your competition bikini

The two most important parts of competing are your physique and your bikini. I’m sure you have heard all about post comp blow out and how to correctly reverse diet. But have you thought about how to clean and preserve your bikini post comp?

Some competitors choose to wear the same bikini over and over again as their signature look, others like to collect them like trophies. Either way keeping your bikini in pristine condition is simple and easy.

You will need: sink, warm water, gentle detergent, a toothbrush and towel .

Step 1.
Shortly after your show (1-5 days) fill the sink with warm water and dissolve a generous amount of detergent in the water. Submerge your bikini in the water and gently swirl it around.
Strong fragrances could ruin the fabric or strip the glue that holds the gems in place so ensure that you are using an all natural laundry detergent.

Step 2. Turn your suit inside out and pour some detergent on to the soiled areas. Using a toothbrush gently brush the areas until the tan and any glue you've used (like bikini bum or bikini bite) breaks down. Be patient it can take some time to lift stubborn stains. Do Not leave your bikini soaking in the water for long periods of time as this can breakdown the glue holding the crystals in place.

Step 3. Once all the stains have lifted rinse your bikini under running water until no suds appear. Gently lay your bikini on a towel and pat all excess water out. Do not wring your bikini.
Lay your bikini out of direct sunlight and flat to dry. Ensure your bikini is left somewhere safe to dry, somewhere away from pets and children is ideal. Once dry, store your bikini in one out our bikini carry cases. It’s perfect for keeping your bikini safe between shows and during transit to posing sessions.

What are some of your go to methods for Bikini care, post comp?

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