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How to order your Couture Bikini

Designing and ordering a couture bikini is the most exciting part of your prep. It’s the moment you have been dreaming of for years. I even have girls compare it to choosing a wedding dress, and I 100% agree! Actually…. I think it’s more exciting than a wedding dress.


First things first. You need to have some sort of idea of what colour and style you want for your couture bikini. I’m happy to take control and surprise you, but that takes a very trusting type of customer. During your prep you have been scrolling socials and looking online and you have tethered some ideas of what you want your bikini to look like. You are now ready to submit your couture bikini enquiry via our website. We recommend submitting your ideas any time from 20-14 weeks out from your competition. The earlier the better. 

When submitting your ideas we ask for your budget, competition date, 3 inspiration images, colour & current size. Let me run though with you why we ask for this information.


Knowing your budget is very important. Couture bikinis are expensive due to the intricate nature and workmanship that goes into them. If we know your budget from the beginning it will help me design you a bikini I know you will be happy with in both design and price. If your budget doesn’t match the design you have in mind we can discuss ways we can tweak the design to make it more suitable for your budget. 

Competition date

Couture bikinis take some time to create, knowing your competition date right from the start helps us with production. We can make sure everything we need to create your bikini is available. If we need to rush your order though we will also know from the very beginning. On average couture bikinis take 6-8 weeks to create, they can be made in a shorter time frame if needed urgently.

Inspiration images

We ask for you to upload 3 inspiration images for your bikini. It is capped at 3 to help you be decisive with your uploads. The images can be of ANYTHING, they do not need to be of a bikini. Once you upload the images you can discuss in detail about what you like or don’t like about each image. We ask for you to be descriptive as possible. The more information I’m given the easier it is for me to sketch you the perfect bikini first time around. If you can try to avoid broad descriptions. For example “I love this bikini but I want it a little different”. My first question to you will be different in what way?....Different colour?, different cut?, different straps? What I see as different might not be what you were expecting. This can lead to you being disappointed with the sketch and the process starting again. 


Asking for you to pick a colour helps us get a broad idea of what colour you image your couture bikini. You can also upload an image to help us better visualise the colour.

Current size

We ask for your current size to help us determine what size your competition bikini will be. We understand you will be changing size and this is NOT the size we make your bikini. We ask for additional measurements once the sketch is approved and the bikini is ready to start production.


Once you have completed the form you will then ‘add to cart’. The design process is charged at $100, this is to cover our time taken to research material, calculate costs and provide the sketch. The design fee is not included in the final quote and is not refunded if your competition is canceled or you decide to not compete for any reason.

Once you have paid and your order has been processed we will receive your enquiry as an order on our website. There is no need to DM or email us to let us know it was submitted. You order will be entered into our workflow software by our production manager and the wheels are set in motion. You can expect to receive your sketch within 2 weeks of submission. Once your sketch has been provided and you approve the design we ask that full payment be made by 12 weeks out from your competition. Payment is due in full, please budget accordingly to ensure the funds are available to you at this time. Delayed payment may result in delayed production and delivery of your bikini.


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