IFBB Bikinis and Figure suits

IFBB Bikinis and Figure suits

As you know we create bikinis for all federations. For IFBB bikinis our recommendation is to keep it simple and to not over do it. When looking at the professional athletes of IFBB you can see the style of bikinis and figure suits the athletes wear. They have simple rhinestone embellishment with clear lines and no lace, drapes or chunky rhinestones.


Bikini division

Any of our Glamazon designs are perfect for the IFBB bikini division. We know you queens like your bikinis to stand out on stage and the fully encrusted rhinestone effect of the Glamazon never disappoints. You can choose between our one colour or multicolour scatter designs to add a little extra dimension to the design. Strong and bold colours like red, green and blue are great on stage, soft colours like baby pink, champagne and baby blue are not as common or popular as they wash out on stage.

When it comes to the cut style of the bikini itself we find the Standard cut briefs with either our Brazilian or Pro cut back are a popular choice here in Australia. (if you are overseas best to check guidelines with local even organisers as it can differ.) Our sweetheart moulded and slider style tops are  popular choices for the top style. I have found in recent years a growing trend towards simple minimalist styles of connectors for both the hips and neck straps. Popular choices have been our 1 or 2 row connectors. Other popular styles are the ladder, twist and Halo.


Wellness division

Wellness is a fairly new division, but I have seen some trends emerging. I have seen many wear strong bold colours and designs similar to those seen in the bikini division The bikinis are worn a little higher on the hips than the bikini division. Our euro cut is ideal to create this effect. I have seen a mixture of top styles worn, but the most popular choices are either sweetheart moulded or diva bombshell. Wellness competitors have also been choosing to have their bikini made without connectors. This means the entire bikini is made from fabric and rhinestone and is all one colour. If connectors are in the bikini they are simple and delicate.


Figure division

This is where you can get a little more creative with the rhinestone designs in the bikini. Again strong colours are popular, but rather than the entire bikini covered in the one colour crystal we can use different crystal colours to create beautiful geometric designs that can help enhance your physique. Popular designs for Figure are our Glamazon gradient or Firework. We can create these designs in any colour imaginable. If you are looking for a truely unique design please reach out to us via email and we can design it for you.

A Figure suits style brief must be worn for this division. Our pro or Brazilian cut backs are a popular choice. Our slider and sweetheart moulded tops are a must. We do not use the diva bombshell bras with the figure suits as we find the fit is not perfect due to the crossover back straps. But if you are really wanting this bra style we can create it in a figure suit for you but you must contact us via email to discuss prior to ordering. Connectors are optional and often only used on the straps and the metal on the high hip can be uncomfortable once you are lean.


Physique Division

These suits are the same as which are made for figure division. We recommend going up a cup size to help your proportions. Other than that they are exactly the same. Depending upon your glute development you may require some additional length in the crotch to ensure the is enough rise in the suit.


Please take this information as our recommendation only. These are NOT to be taken as RULES, but as knowledge to help you make a educated purchase. Please check the rules and regulations with local event organisations to ensure you are purchasing the the correct style for your federation and division.

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