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IFBB Heel Guidelines

Wondering what kind of competition Heels to wear for IFBB? We have covered the basics of what you need to look for when choosing your next pair of competition Heels.

The IFBB Pro league in Australia require heels to be worn for Bikini, Fitness, Wellness and Figure categories. Women’s Physique are barefoot.

IFBB heel guidelines

These are guidelines only, not hard and fast rules stating what you must or not wear. In the top row you will find 4 styles that are recommended. Similarities in these 4 styles are that they are all clear and have little to no platform.


Let us help make the decision of what style to buy easier for you. Styles of heels we recommend for IFBB are Lip, Poise, Caress and Flair. Below I will go through in detail with you the differences between each styles and finishes we have available.



Competition heel lip-108

The Lip heel is a 5 inch heel with a 3/4 inch Platform, The lip is our best selling heel for IFBB. It is best suited to normal to narrow width feet. The platform angles in from the base of the foot. Sometimes for inexperienced heel wearers it can feel unstable. This style is available with or without ankle strap and comes is a huge variety of finishes.



Competition heel flair-408

The Flair heel is a 4.5 inch heel with a 1/2 inch platform. This style is our second best selling style for IFBB and has a slight wider base making it suitable for those with a wider foot. Being a slight lower heel also means it is more comfortable on the foot and suitable for those with bunions. Available with or without ankle strap. Limited finishes available.



Competition heel poise-508

The Poise heel is a 5 inch style with a very thin 1/4 inch platform. This style is suitable for those who are experienced wearing heels. As it is a higher heel and lower platform than both the Lil and Flair style it can often be a little less comfortable to wear. The advantage of your foot being on a greater angle is more of the top of your foot shows to the judges. This can give the illusion your legs are longer. This style is also more suitable for those with narrow feet. Available with or without ankle strap. Limited finishes available



Competition heel caress-408

The Caress heel is a 4 inch heel and has no platform. This style is suitable for the more practical minded competitor. It is comfortable and easy to walk in. This style is popular with tall competitors who are worried about looking too tall on stage. Available with our without ankle strap. Limited finishes available


Strap or No Strap?


Advantages of having an ankle strap is that you feel safe and secure in the heel while posing. You can be reassured that no matter how much tan or sweat is on your feet on the day they will stay glued to your foot. We find these styles are best suited to first time competitors and those who are not overly confident in heels. However some competitors dislike the look of an ankle straps on stage and opt for the mule style. Without the distraction of an ankle strap it can elongate your legs. Having no ankle strap also allows you to quickly take your shoes on and off when backstage giving your feet a rest. These styles are best suited to those who are confident walking in heels.


Once you have decided upon the practical decision of weather or not to have an ankle strap the next decision it to decide upon the finish. Pleaser know how to make a girl swoon over her heels and offer a wide variety of finishes from clear to full bling.


Clear (C/M after the style name eg. Lip-108 C/M)

Perfect for that no fuss competitor. These heels have clear straps and clear platform and are suitable and a recommend style for IFBB.


Glitter (MG after the style name eg. Lip-108MG)

These heels have a coat of irredentist glitter on the clear platform. The straps are the same clear PVC. The glitter adds a hint of sparkle and is a beautiful touch for those who want their heels to be that little bit special without breaking the back.


Scatter rhinestone (SDT after the style name eg. Lip-108 SDT)

One of our best sellers. The scatter rhinestone effect is stunning on stage. It is the ideal style for those who want that polished stage look from head to toe. The rhinestones are clear high quality glass stones that are set into heel. They are barely raised from the platform, this means they cannot be kicked off while walking.


Full rhinestone (DM after the style name eg. Lip-108 DM)

Turn heads both on and off stage with full rhinestone platforms. These heels have clear straps and the platform is fully covered in rhinestones. Tiny AB crystals are glued to the entire platform and create and eye catching effects when under lights. This heel is for those who want to be seen, money is no object. More is more and it is the perfect style to really treat yourself with.


I know it can become overwhelming when it comes to choosing your heels for your upcoming IFBB competition and I how hard a decision can be to make when not being able to try on heels before purchasing. I hope the information given makes your decision a little easier and rest assured if the heels you choose are at all the wrong size or style we will happily exchange them for you.


Please take these recommendations with a grain of salt. They are exactly that, our recommendations. Other styles are suitable for IFBB and there is no rules stating you have to purchase the ones mentioned above. We are giving out our opinion and information to help you make and educated purchase.

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