Pro tips from our sponsored athletes for ordering your perfect bikini

Pro tips from our sponsored athletes for ordering your perfect bikini

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Ever wondered how pro athletes always look stunning on stage? besides determination and consistency, a part of that comes down to ordering their perfect competition bikini. We have asked our sponsored athletes to share with you, their top tips when ordering your competition bikini. Read on to get the insider info

Katya IFBB Pro

  • first of all find out what the regulations are of the federation you will be competing in. What type of bikini is allowed; things like the correct cut, embellishment, connectors ect may vary in different federation/class.

  • start thinking about the fabric colour, rhinestones combo/colour and style of connectors well ahead of your show. Checking Glamfit instagram page always helps in inspiration, check Glamfit sponsored athletes to see how different style bikinis look on.

  • while a certain colour/style might look good on one it might not always work on another person’s body. Different body types require different cuts/style bikini. Always go for the style that accentuates your best lines.
  • I would recommend to be careful when choosing light coloured bikinis like white, nude, light yellow or silver colours... stage lights are super bright and your bikini together with you might just wash off the stage and it will be hard to see.. those colours would look great only if your natural skin tone is rather dark.
  • if you are unsure just ask team Glamfit! They are always ready to help and recommend the best option for you.

  • trust the process trust the Glamfit team! Don’t worry if you can’t make the in person fitting, as long as you follow their size guide correctly, your bikini will be spot on! Team Glamfit is that good!

- Katya Nosova


Emily King WBFF Pro

Find what you truly love and a design you resonate with, stage is all about showing your personality, so be YOU! I spent some time scrolling through the Glamfit page and through my federations page and would be drawn to a particular design, from there I imagined what I wanted to be on stage wearing 💖️Matching heels are also an amazing and beautiful touch to a bikini! STANDOUT!

- Emily King


Amanda Matthews WBFF Pro

I’ve been very fortunate enough to live in the same state and can go in and try on every colour your heart can desire 😍
From my very first comp, I’ve been personally fitted! If you live in South Australia, take advantage of that! We are super lucky!!
In regards to colours, I just tried on lots of bikinis In different colours and picked the one that made me “pop” most!
Same thing can be done with your favourite outfit! What colour is it and how does it make you feel?!
But the biggest thing for me is trust, and I trust Claire’s opinion and she knows what looks good! I have always said “I’ll leave it up to you, you know best” when designing bikinis!!
Always take inspiration from photos you see and show them to the girls at glamfit! They can recreate anything and make it yours and unique!

- Amanda Matthews


Sharelle Grant WBFF Pro

🌟 You can never be too unique! Work with the girls to design a suit that showcases your character and true self, that way you will feel completely confident on stage! Also, once you get your bikini, practice your stage posing in it so you can work on the best angles to showcase all the fine details of your suit in your stage photos.

- Sharelle Grant


Naomi Glover

I always scroll GlamFit Bikinis Instagram when looking for colour inspiration, you’ll get to see all the colours come to life & is a great place to start! 
Pick a colour you know you’ll feel confident wearing! 
When it comes to a competition bikini you can never have to much bling however my top tip for fellow petite Girls - I keep my connectors very subtle & opt for the thinner band of crystals, I find this to be the most flattering on my hips & make my legs appear ‘longer’!
The cut of your bikini for the IFBB is also very important so make sure you chat to the Glamfit girls to make sure the cut you pick will be flattering to you & the look of the federation!

- Naomi


Libby Powell WBFF Pro

Make sure you pick a colour you LOVE & work out a style that you think will look amazing and that compliments your physique! Work with the GlamFit team to design your perfect bikini, they are very experienced at what they do! They can also embellish your heels to match your bikini which will just finish off the whole look! 🙌🏽💕 

- libby Powell


Cindy Arevalo

Do as many fittings as possible! (Fly in if you have to, make a day of it) Also ensuring you absolutely love the colour and pick a design that suits your physique. Certain designs may be more flattering on your body than others. Ensure you're comfortable with the cut of the bottoms and that they're not too small. GlamFit have you covered!

- Cindy Arevalo


Jess Coate Campus

Have a design and colour in mind and ask the professional team at GlamFit Bikinis for their advice on your choices. They are very experienced and knowledgeable with what will best suit your physique in terms of colour and design. Go with your gut decisions.     P.S. have all the bling possible and known to man kind 

- Jess Coatecampus


Nathalia Burmann WBFF Pro

Don't over think it, when you pick a colour, pick one you absolutely love and then the design will just make it look extra special. You want to feel confident in what you are wearing so choose the entire look from the bikini maker and of course GlamFit can match your design with ankle and wrist bracelets, as well as your accessories like jewellery and matching heels. This will make the entire look more beautiful and stand out.

- Nathalia Burmann


Tamara Meyer WBFF Pro

My biggest tip when picking a bikini through Glamfit is looking what would suit your height and shape. Being short and busty - I suit less bling on the bottom but then more bedazzled up top!
I also like patterns that lengthen my body -being (156cm).
The last thing is trust in Claire and Glamfit team - because so many times I have not had a clue of design and they always whip something up from just picking my brain. 
Think of colours that make you pop on stage and that will make you feel beautiful 

Tamara Meyer




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