WBFF Sydney 2018 Bikini Design Wrap Up

WBFF Sydney 2018 Bikini Design Wrap Up

WOW what an amazing show WBFF hosted in Sydney this past July. Glamfit Bikinis made the trip to help support and meet some of our gorgeous girls. You guys definitely kept us busy, the best part was meeting ALL the competitors at registration night and backstage. We love being able to help get all the competitors looking spot on in their competition bikinis, regardless of where they purchase their bikinis.

There were definitely some spectacular Couture Bikini Designs on stage, many of our girls even won their Pro Cards! We want to share with you the secrets to creating a winning bikini.


Bikini Highlights 

 Amanda Mathews Red WBFF Couture Competition Bikini Fitness Diva Pro Card Winner


Amanda won the fitness model short category and was awarded her WBFF Fitness Pro Card. Amanda has been a long-time client and supporter of GlamFit Bikinis and trusted us to create her something unique to her. Follow Amanda’s journey to the WBFF Pro stage @amandamatthews.

Design features:

  • Nude fabric base
  • Custom underwire bra frame
  •  Red lace
  •  A mixture of red coloured crystals
  •  Embellished backpiece with beaded drapes
  •  Red shoes embellished by GlamFit Bikinis


Blue and Green WBFF Couture Competition Bikini, Bikini Diva


Personal trainer Rowena came to us wanting a vibrant and unique design, coming from regional Victoria Rowena made the trip to visit us in Adelaide to have her bikini personally designed. Rowena is planning to compete again in the upcoming WBFF Gold Coast Show @rowena_smart

Design Features:

  • Lime green fabric base
  • Blue, teal and lime green 3D layered lace
  • A mixture of blue, teal and green crystals in a gradient design
  • 3D one shoulder piece


 Purple and Pink WBFF Competition Bikini


Caitlin had a strong idea of what colour her bikini was going to be and asked for a choker and shoulder piece and we took care of the rest. @caitlin.mcveagh

Design Featured:             

  • Fuchsia fabric base
  • Black lace
  • A mixture of fuchsia and purple crystals
  • Embelished lace shoulder strap, choker and diagonal back strap with draped chains.


Blue WBFF Couture Competition Bikini


We consulted with Jacqui on a few designs and decided this delicate lace design was the perfect bikini for her. @jaqui_watts

Design Features:  - Royal Blue fabric base

  •  Finely detailed blue and black lace
  •  A mixture of aquamarine and blue crystals in a gradient design
  • Shoulder piece with choker, lace back strap with delicate leaf back drapes


Blue WBFF Couture Competition Bikini


Grace had seen a photo of a bikini on Instagram. We took inspiration from this image to bring her dream bikini to life. @grace.arnold

Design Features:

  • Royal Blue fabric base
  • Silver lace
  • Large royal blue crystals with a hint of purple and silver.
  • Large crystal neck piece with detailed neck straps


Green WBFF Couture Competition Bikini Sydney 2018


Jasmin chose Emerald Green and gold which looks exquisite with her colouring. @jasminlloyd

Design features: - Emerald green fabric base

  •           White lace
  •           A mixture of Gold, blue and green crystals
  •           Cross over body straps


Green WBFF Couture Competition Bikini Sydney 2018


We consulted with Bri on a few designs as she changed from Bikini division to Fitness during her prep. We decided upon a design that was unique and enhanced her strongest features. @b.philips

Design features:

  • Nude Fabric base
  • Emeraldsequin lace
  • A mixture of green and emerald crystals
  • Choker with angled shoulder straps and cross over body straps


 Black WBFF Couture Competition Bikini Sydney 2018


Kaitie was wanting a bikini different to any she had seen or previously worn. We bounced back a forth a few ideas and decided upon a bold black and gold design based off our Angel Diva Design. @kaitie_trains

Design features:

  • Black fabric base
  • Gold lace
  • A mixture of gold and AB crystals on lace and black background crystals
  • Angle Diva Design with arm band and delicate gold leaf back drapes


Red WBFF Couture Competition Bikini Sydney 2018


Cassandra Petherone had seen a bikini on our Instagram feed and knew right away that it was the perfect bikini for her. Knowing the design had been worn before at a previous show we decided to make it different by adding a clear hip strap.

Design features:

  • Burgundy fabric base
  • Red lace
  • A mixture of red crystals
  • Embellished lace shoulder piece.
  • Clear hip strap


 White WBFF Couture Competition Bikini Sydney 2018


Melissa wanted a ‘iced out bikini’. so we used her words as inspiration and made her a very extravagant embellished bikini. The crystal work was very chunky making it a eye catching design on stage.

Design features:

  • White fabric
  • White lace
  • A mixture of different shape and size clear crystals
  • One shoulder piece


Gold WBFF Couture Competition Bikini Sydney 2018


Anna loved the Victoria secrets 2017 fantasy bra. We used it as inspiration to create her own unique couture WBFF bikini

 Design Features:

  • Nude Fabric
  • Gold Metal Leaf
  • Sapphired and Clear Crystals
  • Chest drape and arm band


If you're ready to take your custom bikini to the next level, head to our our Couture bikini Inquires page. We can't wait to create something just for you xxx


Photos provided by Tristan Manas

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