The Secret Weapon You Need on Comp Day

The Secret Weapon You Need on Comp Day

Here at GlamFit Bikinis we have added a new product to our must have items for your next Competition Day and we have been blown away by how many seasoned competitors have been using this little secret weapon.

The GlamFit Bikinis Port-a-Pee is ideal for comp day and even in days prior. If you are a first time competitor you may not realize just how dark and thick your tan will be. Quite often competitors will require a few coats of tan to get that perfectly bronzed look under stage lights. 

Competition Day Port-a-Pee

Now you may be wondering how the Port-a-Pee can help? well firstly it will stop you from staining your own toilet seat at home, secondly you won't have to physically sit down on public bathroom seats on comp day. We don't have to tell you how many germs you might come in contact with.

Your tan on your hamstrings and glutes will remain in perfect condition for the judges. You will also stop any unwanted drips causing a line on your expensive tan. Below is our product description;

Port-a-Pee is the perfect device to make life easier on your Bikini, Fitness or Figure competition show day. It protects your tanned glutes and hamstrings from contacting the toilet seat and prevents any leaks.

You can take it anywhere on any adventure. It is discreet, light weight and most of all reusable. 

To use, hold it flush against your skin during urination. Practicing in the shower is an easy way to build your confidence.

Keep it in a disposable zip lock bag.

All this convenience for just $5.00 AUD


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