WBFF platform heels with lace and rhinestones

WBFF Embellished Heels

WBFF Heel embellishment

There are so many things to think about when it comes to entering a WBFF competition. The most obvious thing is you need to organise is your bikini, but then you also need to think about what heels will match.

Luckily, we have you covered. At GlamFit Bikinis we can embellish ANY style of heels to match your bikini. You can browse though our range on competition heels and select a style you feel confident in walking in but also love the colour and think it will compliment your bikini well.

We also have access to 1000’s of style that are not listed on our website that are from Pleaser. If you have seen a style you like from the Pleaser brand that is from another supplier, chances are we can get the same style in for you.

It is not compulsory to have your heels embellished. However, it is a nice touch and creates unity to the entire outfit. We offer different levels of embellishment depending upon your budget and design ideas. All prices below are charged onto of the price of the heels.

  • For $100.00 we add a crystal embellished piece of lace over the toe strap of your heels. This is our most popular option.
  • For $200.00 we add a crystal embellished piece of lace over the toe strap of the heels and add a scattering of crystal to the platform and heel
  • For $250.00 we add a crystal embellished piece of lace over the toe strap and onto the ankle strap. A Cascade style of embellishment is done around the platform
  • For $350.00 -$400 We add a crystal embellished piece of lace over the toe strap and fully crystal embellish the platform and heel. The price will depend upon the heel size and height
  • For $400 + we can fully embellish the heels in crystals. The final price will depend upon the style, size and height of the heels.

We recommend ordering your embellished heels at any time between 16 – 6 weeks before your competition. here is a run down on the ordering process.

Once you have your bikini design secured and you selected the style of heel you would like embellished you can easily then search ‘heel embellishment’ in the search bar on our website. You can then select the price amount for what you would like done to your heels. all you need to do then is check out and make payment. When we receive your order will order in your heels. Once they arrive to us, we will start embellishment right away. We will take inspiration from your bikini design to make sure the crystal colours and overall design match your bikini. You will receive shipment notification once the heels are competed and ready for dispatch. The process takes around 4 weeks.

If you are concerned about the heel being the correct size, we can post you your heels before embellishment to try on. This gives you the opportunity to exchange for different style or size. The additional postage is at your expense. This is not available for international orders or order placed less than 6 weeks before your competition. Please understand we cannot control delivery times, to ensure the process is quick and easy we recommend using express postal services.

There is NO exchange or refund on Embellished heels.

We can also embellish heels that you provide. Please contact us via email to start this process.

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