Your Bikini Consult-What to Expect

December 05, 2017

Your Bikini Consult-What to Expect

Building bikinis can be hard. Take the guesswork out of your bikini building. Our team is ready to help you for FREE. We will guide you through finding your perfect colour, cut, style and embellishment. What are you waiting for? Book your consult! You can do that simply by visiting our Contact Us page, or using the button below.

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Cool, I’ve booked a consult. What happens?

If you live abroad or just had a quick couple of questions, your best option is to book us for a 'Phone Consult'. This will give you one half-hour chat with one of our team. We can do a FaceTime call upon request. Please email us in advance to arrange this.

For a fitting, please book a 'First Consultation'. This will give you one hour with either Dee or Claire. One hour is plenty of time to try on a few bikini styles and design your dream suit. If you are competing in WBFF then please book an appointment with Claire.

Coaches and friends are welcome to come to the fitting, however if you are indecisive, we would recommend that you arrive to your appointment solo. Sometimes when someone’s personal taste varies from your own, their opinions can cloud your judgement and in fact make the decision making process even harder. Sometimes it's just easier to go with your gut instinct :)

On the day please wear suitable underwear. A g-string is best. Please, no boyleg style underwear and no fresh tan 😊

Step One - Colour

Firstly we will ask you what colour you have in mind. When it comes to a fitting this is normally the tough bit so we do this first.

Do you have something in mind already? If so, you can either send the images to Dee or Claire prior to your fitting or you can bring some screenshots to show us. We have a very good eye for colour so we are always happy to guide you and make a recommendation. 

We normally recommend selecting no more than 5 bikini colours. Less is better. It is highly likely that there will be more than one colour that looks good on you. Trying on more won't make it any easier to choose. The more you try on, the more you can get confused because it just adds more options to the equation. Keep it simple.

Step Two - Size and Coverage

Once the color is chosen, next you'll move onto Size and Coverage. This step is easy if you are in store as we can physically get you to try on our different sizes and coverage types to find the one that works best on you.

If you can't make it in, we will ask you questions about your body, your competition and perhaps even request a photo so we can take a look and offer suggestions.

During a phone consult, we will get you to take a couple of simple measurements to find your bottom and top size. Make sure you have the size guide handy on your screen for quick reference. Do not worry we will guide you through the process so you will be sure the measurements are correct.

Step Three- Style

Next is finding your correct style. We have 4 cup and 2 bottom styles.

Generally, Sweetheart cups are our go-to style of cup. They are our most flattering cup and work with all breast types, whether it be small breasts or large implants. We recommend this style for most competitors. Most girls who try on this style will order it. Add padding and this style will give you the ultimate boost!

For a fitting we will get you to try on all our different styles to find the one that works for you, but if you have booked an online consult, we will ask a few key questions about your body (eg-whether you have implants or a natural bust), the federation you are competing in and perhaps request a photo so we can offer our recommendation.

Step Four- Embellishment

Then once the style is selected, we will work within your budget to select the best embellishment colours and style for you. Your budget will determine the level of rhinestone coverage. We will do our best to create something gorgeous and budget friendly :)

If you wish to simply replicate a design we have made previously, we will select the stones for you. But if you want to make something more unique and custom, then we will run through embellishment colours and place them on a swatch so you can view and choose which colours you like best.

If you have booked a phone consult, we can send a photo of the swatch so you can get a visual of how your bikini will look.

Step 5- Connectors

The final step is choosing your connectors. Connector options can be seen HERE. We recommend checking them out, or having them up on your screen during your phone consult for quick reference.

We can help give suggestions based on your body type, and the overall look you're going for.

That’s it! We will finish up by grabbing some personal details and finalising the consult, as well as answering any final questions you may have.

If you have come in for a fitting, we will pencil in another appointment for your bikini collection, which is typically 4 weeks out so please bring your diary.  


We look forward to seeing you so please don’t be shy. We hope to speak with you soon x

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