Amanda Matthews

Hey my name is Amanda Matthews!

i am a 30 year old from Murray bridge, South Australia.

Red competition bikini

I am a hairdresser by trade I still currently hair dress one day a week from home just as a hobby! the other days i spend at my supplement store Body4Life!

my partner had a crazy idea of setting up a cafe back in 2009, and i just went along for what turned out to be an extremely challenging ride! we worked like dogs. 7 days a week, 12 hr days and hardly ever saw the sunlight. i gave up playing netball, socializing and lost a lot of friends. i couldnt find that work/life balance and my health soon deteriorated.

i was so unhealthy and unfit. that typical "skinny fatgirl" type. i was depressed, lonely and unhappy with my body- my husband was in the same boat about himself. so after 6 1/2 years, we decided to sell up and get our lives back!

WBFF Fitness themewear

not long after, i started working at a supplement store, that i soon took over as owner for.

i started to get the love back for my health and fitness and found the store a positive influence on my life.

i really wanted to compete so i told my husband that i am doing it, and that he is doing it with me haha

i wanted to compete locally as it was good for business and chose ICN april 2017 as my first comp where i placed 2nd in fitness. my coaches then talked me into the wbff may 2017 show 2 weeks later. i placed 3rd.

after stepping on the wbff stage, i knew it was the stage for me! i absolutely loved everything about it. the glits, glam and most importantly, i felt like i belonged. i got the full bug for the stage and the challenge.

Red competition Bikini

i then went on to compete in october 2017 placing 2nd in fitness, and then again in july 2018 where i got first place and won my PRO card. this was a hard prep and i suffered from gut and hormone issues my entire prep. i had some tests done a couple months after my comp and found that i had gut parasites and all my hormone levels were out of wack. it has taken months and months to be at full health again but im finally there. it has taught me that health is number 1 and to always listen to your body!

now i cant wait to rock that stage again wearing another incredible glamfit bikinis creation, but now as a PRO athlete!!!

cant thank glamfit bikinis enough for supporting me on my journey since the first time i stepped on stage!

winners wear glamfit