Get your bling on with the ultimate bodybuilding bikinis across Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Melbourne.

Let's face it – there's not a whole lot of body coverage happening with a bodybuilding bikini! So the minimal coverage there is, needs to be absolutely perfect. No room for error, no room for mediocrity. Impeccable attention to detail required!

Unleash that inner glittery goddess and design your own fabulous bodybuilding bikini, perfect for those Gold Coast and Brisbane shows.

This is where comp prep gets really exciting! Not only do you select the perfectly fitting, body flattering stage costume, but you get to play around with all the shiny and sparkly things too. With Glam Fit Bikinis those sparkly things are aplenty.

To start with, we have a multitude of different options of standard crystal embellishments. These glass and resin crystals are friendly on the budget but bursting with choice. Seventy-one different colour choices to be exact. Are you more of a Light Sapphire or a Blood Orange? Perhaps Neon Green suits your vibrant personality better. Whatever your colour and shimmer preferences, we have the crystals to suit you.

If you're in the market for something a little shinier, a tad fancier and a lot more sparkly, our Swarovski crystals might just be for you! These man-made gems are manufactured in Austria using a secret method handed down through the generations of incredible precision, ensuring the most brilliant and high-quality lead glass crystals.

Forty-eight different crystal colours narrow the options down here a little, but with names like Purple Velvet, and Silk, we're not sure this is quite an accurate thought! Maybe Volcano and Silver Night Jet are more your style? Check out our embellishment section to find your perfect colours.

Glam Fit Bikinis also have the perfect accessories to compliment your bodybuilding bikini at Adelaide and Melbourne shows.

A spritz of extra bling never hurt anyone, right? Sparkle that little bit more as you step onto that stage with our stunning range of competition jewellery. Designed not to steal the show from your personally crafted comp bikini, our bracelets and wrist bling options are the perfect addition to your stage outfit, helping to create the ultimate goddess presence.

Our range is such that you can coordinate your jewellery with the connectors in your bikini, complimenting those finer crystal choices of your design and helping you to bring the complete package to the stage.

Don't forget one of the most important accessories you'll come to purchase! You've spent months working hard on your body, and weeks creating your perfect and unique bodybuilding showcase outfit. The bikini case protector is perfect for transporting your masterpiece and ensuring it remains in pristine condition right up until the moment you take the stage.

Whether your comp is in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne or the Gold Coast, we can help create and safely deliver your ultimate bodybuilding costume to you. Call us on 0409 699 270 for any assistance, and happy bikini designing to you!