Caitlin McVeagh

My passion has been in the Health and Fitness Industry from a very young age. I grew up on a farm where we grew and raised nearly all the food we ate, and lived an extremely active lifestyle. I played nearly every sport throughout my schooling, you could just never keep me still 😊

Purple competition bikini

My first job was working in a world class Health Retreat alongside Naturopaths, where I learnt the foundations of optimal health and wellbeing. Having this knowledge was amazing but at 17 I became more interested in aesthetics not just health, so I went on to study fitness and became a Personal Trainer. This is when I discovered body building and competing and being able to change the way I looked through training and nutrition.

I started competing in 2014 with ICN and then again in 2015 where I won Bikini Overall Champion NT, before I changed to the WBFF federation.

purple competition bikini

The first time I stepped on the WBFF stage in October 2017 I was in awe of quality of the shows and knew this is what I wanted to be apart of!! I competed again in July 2018, where I placed 4th in Bikini Tall. I took the feedback and worked extremely hard to make every change not only physically but mentally to become a Pro in my most recent show May 2019. To me the WBFF is the perfect combination of Fitness, Beauty and Fashion, which is where Glamfit comes into play! Since 2015 they have designed my incredible Couture Bikinis, There is no one else I’d trust and Im honoured to now be one of their athletes.

Each show I continue to make big improvements and I’m so excited to see what I bring to the Pro stage in the future.