Searching for that perfect comp bikini? Whether you're in Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Melbourne, Glam Fit Bikinis will make sure you stand out on that stage.

You've dedicated months of hard work to get here. Training until you could no longer stand, passing on many of your favourite foods and throwing everything you have into your preparation. The time is almost here for you to take to the stage and showcase just what all that blood, sweat and tears have accomplished. All you need now is the perfect bikini, and you're ready for action.

Design your own comp bikini for Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne shows this competition season and set yourself apart from the rest!

You want to really stand out. To strut on that stage oozing with the confidence of knowing you're in a stunningly unique costume that no other competitor will have. One that fits you perfectly, shows off your best assets and shimmers like the glamorous goddess that you are. Glam Fit Bikinis is the ideal place for your final competition purchase!

Our Build a Bikini section not only allows you to select your own fabrics, and all stage wear is made to order exactly to suit your hip size. Our bottoms can be made in a variety of different cuts to accentuate your glutes, our most popular being the 'extra cheeky' or 'Brazilian' cut options. With pockets also sewn into the top for adjustable padding, you're able to create that extra boost just as you desire. You can be assured of an outfit that ultimately showcases your body. The one you've worked so hard at achieving.

Own the design of your comp bikini with fabulous additions, for the ultimate show-stopping costume.

Our wide selection of colours, connectors and embellishment styles means we have you covered with any design you can imagine yourself in – from simple and basic, to full on, stand out bling. Even our bling has options! From the budget-friendly glass and resin crystals to the glamorous and extra sparkly Swarovski crystals, that perfect stage shimmer is just at your fingertips.

Our dedicated team can help you select a bikini colour that best compliments your stage tan and hair shade, giving you a supreme stage presence and that all important confidence boost as you strut your stuff in front of the judges.

Whether you need a comp bikini for Gold Coast/Brisbane shows or a comp bikini for a Melbourne show, Glam Fit Bikinis is the one stop shop for all your costume needs. Check out our custom Build a Bikini section of this website, or send us an email for more information at

Alternatively, if you're in South Australia and need a comp bikini for an Adelaide show, why not come for a private fitting and truly ensure you're in a perfect stage outfit? Personalised fittings are strictly by appointment, so please call us on 0409 699 270 to book your session.