E M I L Y - K I N G

I am 24 years old and I am a nurse, personal trainer and online coach. So you could say that I have my hands full but I still always make time for my goals. I have been competing for two years. Competing and getting on the stage is much more than being fit or looking lean, it's about confidence, it's about being strong, and it’s about having the courage to do something you would never do.

When I was in school I was a very quiet and shy girl, the last thing I would have imagined was for me to be a fitness model! I was active and kept fit but never found a sport that really appealed to me. 

On finishing school I discovered the gym. Like many first timers, I stuck to cardio equipment and looked nervously at the weight room. I always loved the look of the fit girls on Instagram and wondered how to get that look so I started Googling and researching bikini workouts, I tentatively made my way to the weights areas and LOVED IT! It was love at first squat!

The strength I gained from lifting weights was not only physical but it was also a mental transformation. As my body changed, so did my attitude and self-confidence. I cannot began to explain how different I am now compared to the girl I was in school. Weight lifting has not only changed my appearance but has positively impacted every aspect of my life, including my job and personal relationships.

Competing in my first show in 2014 gave me a thirst to do more, be more and the desire to learn more about my sport in order to show other women the POWER of weight lifting. In 2015 I travelled to Dubai and competed in my first international show, I placed 3rd in both Figure International and Fitness Model, earning my Pro status. This year my goal is to grow, rest and bring a bigger and better package to stage, my ultimate dream is to compete at Arnold's and then Olympia. Big goals, big dreams. 
I believe in the value of education. Knowledge is power and being open to learning is the only way we can continuously grow as people and become successful in our chosen field. 

To think that a 'hobby' could have such a huge impact on your entire life is a crazy thought but I urge all women to try lifting weights. Feeling strong is such an empowering feeling and I believe all women deserve to feel empowered and strong.