Caring for Your Figure Posing Suit in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Melbourne

A competition bikini is an important investment and one you’ll want to care for properly to maximise its life. There are several things you can do to make sure your figure posing suit in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, or Adelaide lasts as long as possible and helps you stand out among the competition.

When your suit first arrives, you will naturally want to make sure it fits well. But after trying it on, resist the urge to put it on again unnecessarily. Over time, any foil prints on the fabric may fade with too much handling. In addition, when you do put your suit on, be sure to pull it on by the fabric and not by the connectors or crystals.

After Your Competition

After you wear it in a competition, your figure posing suit will need some TLC. You should clean it as soon as possible after a show. Hand wash your bikini in a sink of lukewarm water with a bit of detergent. Rub the suit clean between your hands in the soapy water. If the suit has glue or tanning product on it, you may scrub it very carefully with a toothbrush. Do not allow the suit to soak in the water for an extended length of time because this may adversely affect the glue on the crystals. After washing, rinse your bikini gently in cool water until all the soap is removed, then dry it flat on a towel.

Storing Your Competition Bikini

Whether you are planning to sell your figure posing suit in the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Brisbane area or you want to keep it to wear in another competition, you need to store it safely. If there are no rhinestone connectors, you may store the suit in a sealable plastic bag. If the suit does have rhinestone connectors, it’s a better idea to hang it up, or store it inside a carry case designed specifically for this purpose. Either way, you should store the bikini with the straps untied and without allowing the connectors to be folded onto themselves. Make sure there is no weight on the connectors, as there might be in a drawer, for instance. Folding connectors can damage or weaken them over time.

Mailing Your Figure Posing Bikini in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, or Adelaide

If you need to send your suit to a new owner or send it out for alterations, it’s important to pack it properly to protect it during its journey, Keep the connectors as flat as possible. Do not fold them or allow them to become creased. Wrap the suit carefully in bubble wrap or tissue paper. If you do need to make a small repair, you may be able to handle this yourself. Keep a sewing kit on hand to take in or let out straps as needed, and be sure to have the right kind of glue in case you need to replace a loose crystal. By following these instructions, you can go a long way toward making your suit last a very long time.

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Size & Style Guide

Please take the time to read the below to find the size and style that is best for you.


How do I choose my brief size?

Your brief size is determined by your hip measurement. Your hip measurement is to be taken on your HIGH HIP which is on your underwear line--NOT around your glutes or widest part. Take a tape measure and measure the full circumference of your hips 


We want you to look and feel your absolute best on stage so please make sure you check your measurements properly. Remember to order with your stage weight in mind.
If you happen to be in between two sizes then please select the smaller size on your order form as you are likely to drop size as your competition date approaches. However if you are already close to stage weight then the bigger size may be more appropriate.
Size Hip Measurement 
4 70-75cm
6 75-80cm
8 80-85cm
10 85-90cm

This sizing chart applies to ALL of our bikini brief and figure suit styles.


Crotch Measurement

Your crotch measurement is an optional measurement you can offer when placing your order. Our pattern will fit the vast majority of sizes but you may feel free to add this measurement in your order notes if you have a c-section scar you wish to hide or if you want your bottoms to sit higher or lower than usual.

 To find your crotch measurement, take your tape measure to your back and hold the end of it at the top of your underwear. Pass the tape though your legs and take note of the measurement of where you would like your suit to sit at the front. Somewhere between 35-50cm is considered normal. Please contact us if you have any troubles.

Competition Bikini measurement



How do I choose my Brief Style?

We offer 3 different brief styles, Standard, Euro and Figure suit. 

Competition Bikini

Standard style briefs is our original and most popular cut. These bottoms are suitable for All bikini and fitness federations. They sit around the hips and have a butterfly shaped scrunch bottom to accentuate the glues. 

Fitness Competition Euro Russian Cut


The Euro Cut briefs have a V shape with a scoop front and butterfly scrunch bottoms. It is designed to sit high over the hips to give a flattering look to your midsection and create the illusion of elongated legs and smaller waist.These briefs are best suited to European competitors and federations like IFBB.  Lots of ICN girls also love this look. We have noticed this style is becoming more popular with all federations.

Competition Bikin

Our figure suits come with a high V-Shape front and back. The briefs and are designed to sit high on the hips. The straps are adjustable and criss-cross on the back, which clips onto the top.They come in all our different cuts. Pro, Brazilian, Extra Cheeky and Cheeky and DO NOT have a scrunch bottom unless requested otherwise. Model wear Size 6, Brazilian Cut.

You can choose Standard Moulded, Sweetheart Moulded or Slider style tops. We do not offer Bombshell Diva cups with figure suits due to poor bust support and  possible gaping from the chest.

How do I choose my brief cut?

Each of our 3 brief styles come in 4 cuts. From smallest to largest they are Pro, Brazilian, Extra Cheeky and Cheeky. 

Pro Cut: If you have great glutes and want to show them off. then the 'Pro' cut is perfect for you.

Brazilian: Our most popular cut is our ‘Brazilian’ it is a great all rounder and is suitable for most federation.

Extra Cheeky: For federations that require 1/3 coverage we recommend the ‘Extra Cheeky’ cut.

Cheeky: For federations that require 50% coverage the ‘Cheeky’ cut is your best option.


Competition Bikini Cuts

 How do I choose my top size?

We have 3 different top style to choose form. Sweetheart moulded, Slider, Bombshell diva.  

Competition Bikini Top            

Our most popular cup is the 'Sweetheart' Moulded top. These scooped bra tops have a layer of padding sewn in to help enhance and shape the bust. This style is a great all-rounder and suits competitors with natural or enhanced breasts. This top style has been popular with girls with smaller busts as it adds fullness and cleavage whilst adding curves to your look. The shape of the cup also hugs the chest, preventing gaping and provides plenty of support. For natural competitors who want to control excess skin from breastfeeding or a huge weight loss, the sweetheart cups are great as they can help stop any ‘spillage’. The shape also helps to add an extra cleavage boost, especially when extra padding is added. For competitors with implants this style is great as it moulds to in implant perfectly and sits nicely under the bust to hide any scaring from surgery.

Model wears DD Slim Coverage. 


Competition Bikini TopSlider glamfit fitness competition bikini

Our Slider style top is a traditional triangle bikini, they are designed to slide along a draw string. This allows for more flexibility in the size and coverage of the top. This style is suited to competitors with implants.  For our smaller busted girls, this top is not the most flattering because it is not padded or moulded. Slider bikini tops come with a thin layer of padding to avoid ‘high beams’. 

Model wear DD Slim Coverage

Competition Bikini Top

Our newest design the 'Bombshell Diva' top has one continuous underwire which peaks in the centre. This style is suited to WBFF, IFBB and other fashion focused federations. It is a deep plunging bra that creates the perfect cleavage. It is best suited to most girls with implants or a large natural bust. We do not recommend these cups if you are smaller than a natural B cup.

Model wear DD Size.

Diva Sweetheart Bikini Top

Our Latest Bikini cup the 'Diva Sweetheart' is designed to give you the European body building competition look.  It looks great with natural or implant busts, it comes with inbuilt push up.  If you are wanting the extreme cleavage look, we recommend sizing up and adding extra padding to your order.


Competition Heel Size Chart

Shoe size guide

If you need further assistance with finding your size, please contact us BEFORE placing your order on +61409699270 or by emailing, we are here to help :)