Calling all girls in the Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne Areas! Your search for the ultimate fitness bikini wraps up here, with our stunning Glam Fit Bikinis.

Do you have a fitness comp coming up? Have you worked harder than ever before to get your physique ready for the stage? Will you not accept anything less than the perfect posing outfit? It sounds like you're absolutely in need of a Glam Fit custom made bikini!

How many times have you gone to purchase your stage costume, but weren't in love with the complete set? Maybe the bling wasn't entirely what you had in mind. Perhaps the bottom wasn't the best cut for your fabulous glutes. What are those connectors anyway? Never settle for less than the perfect stage bikini again. Design your own competition show stopper with our unique, online Build A Bikini program and have full confidence when you step on stage.

Our bikinis are worn by fitness model champions!

Did you know that Lauren Simpson has taken our brand with her to the stage, where she was crowned the winner? That's 1st place Fitness Model and Fitness Model Overall Champion! Our custom made bikini helped Lauren showcase her hard earned physique at one of Melbourne's biggest comps, and she won the title!

Your body is the masterpiece that you've been working so hard on, ensure that all the correct places are highlighted with a personally shaped, individually designed bikini. Let our custom; show-stopping stage costumes put you in the best possible position for victory!

Get the perfect fitness bikini in Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Melbourne, no matter the comp you pose in next

We all know some federations have tighter rules and regulations to follow when it comes to appropriate stage wear. Luckily, our experience ensures that we know this, and every order is custom made to suit both the competition and the competitor. Whether it's the 50% cheek coverage required for some comps or the ultimate bejewelled outfit that suits your personal style, our team can assist you in designing the perfect fitness bikini for your big day.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and pride ourselves on offering a superior, upmarket service at extremely competitive prices. If you're in Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast, our online team can assist you with any queries. Please email us at

Alternatively, we can arrange WhatsApp communication where we can talk you through all your size and measurement questions, as well as the nitty gritty of the fancy details.

Adelaide girls, our brand new store has now finally opened, and we offer custom, in-store fittings! Come on in and see our sample pieces, test out sizes and cuts, and feel those oh-so-shimmery crystals in your hands for the ultimate fitness comp bikini designing experience. In store fittings are strictly by appointment, so please give us a call on 0409 699 270 to lock in your custom session.

Happy designing and best of luck on the stage!