Creating the ultimate fitness comp bikini for those all-important shows in Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Melbourne

Designing a bodybuilding bikini for an Adelaide show? Why not come in for an independent fit and design session?

Our reviews speak for themselves – girls love coming in for custom advice when it comes to their most important fitness comp purchase. The experienced and professional Dee and Claire provide the ultimate design and fitting experience from their creative space in Flinders Park.

Our girls work hard with you over a multitude of different fitting and design sessions, helping you bring to life your vision of the perfect fitness comp bikini. Starting at around 10 weeks from your competition date, our experienced designers and fitness industry gurus use their knowledge of body types, bikini cuts and stage colours to recommend the best possible combinations for your specific competition, according to your body and your creative ideas.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Can't decide online which bottom will not only suit but enhance your glutes? Come in and try the different styles on, while at the same time getting advice from girls who have been in the industry for years and even taken to the stage themselves.

Are you in Melbourne, Brisbane or on the Gold Coast and still want the personalised design and fitting experience, ensuring your bikini is perfect for the big day?

It can be daunting buying such a revealing outfit online, knowing just how important it will come to be in winning the approval of the judges as they critique you on stage. Our girls know this and have created what we believe is the ultimate in online ordering experiences.

Every single one of our available embellishments has been photographed and are available for you to view close up and in high quality resolution. Our bikinis and their complete range of styles in both tops and bottoms, as well as in every fabric colour possible are right at your fingertips. Our connectors can be viewed both independently and in completed outfit images so you not only see the finer details but the overall look too.

Fitness comp Bikini options for Melbourne, Brisbane or Gold Coast girls

We have a very active Instagram feed which showcases custom design and purchases that girls have made, and we are only more than happy to help you with any questions, concerns or ideas you may have over WhatsApp. Give us a call to discuss your specific sizing or send through images of your ideas. We're with you, every step of the way!

Check out all of our options, play around with the custom Build A Bikini section, and begin to get a feel for what your ultimate stage bikini will look like. Then either call us on 0409 699 270 or email your queries to info@glamfitbikinis, and we will only be more than happy to help you, ensuring your stage dreams come true, regardless of whether you're from Adelaide, or if you reside in Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast.