Bedazzled and Custom-Made Fitness Competition Bikinis for the Gold Coast – Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne can benefit

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd in your fitness competition bikini? A custom-created and handmade bikini could be right for you. If showing your unique style and personality during a fitness bikini competition in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or the Gold Coast would give you the confidence that you aim for during your events and competitions, book a consultation with our talented bikini maker at Glam Fit Bikinis.

A Show Stopping Fitness Competition Bikini for Brisbane, Melbourne or the Gold Coast Competitors

We like to fuse fashion and fitness together to create designs that are ahead of the rest. Whether you want to walk into our shop and find the perfect fitness competition bikini and take it home that same day, or you would prefer to have your dream bikini custom-made by our talented designer, there is an option and a variety of styles to suit different price points.

Our skilled and experienced designer, Claire, has been in fitness bikini competitions before, and she was previously a bridal designer. She owned her own bridal dressmaking business for six years before making the hard but rewarding decision to go into fitness competition bikini making full-time. She has been dedicating everything to making some of the best bikinis in the world and even has her mum helping out on her team now.

She has a fine eye for detail because she studied fashion design for three years and she can do it all: from basic colours and bold bikinis to extreme bling to keep all eyes on you. Standing out in a competition is easy in the right fitness competition bikini that makes you look and feel your best.

Before she had the life-changing opportunity to open her own store over two years ago now, she was promoting her products on Instagram and other social media websites and was surprised to be receiving orders. Now she gets to turn this undying passion into a career and design unique pieces for women all over the world.

Buy local and support local business owners. Everything we make is local to Australia, and we are owned and operated by Claire, who is from Adelaide herself. You can feel good knowing you are helping the local economy and supporting a creative, young business owner from your neck of the woods. It’s exciting to know that a local designer’s fitness competition bikinis have been sold to famous athletes like Lauren Simpson.

Unique Fitness Competition Bikinis for delivery in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and beyond

We can meet your competitive fitness bikini needs no matter what your budget is. Affording competitions can be one of the hardest parts, but price is not something you should have to worry about when choosing the perfect fitness competition bikini for your personality and style. If you want to look a tier above the rest and also be able to shop for matching accessories, jewellery and more, let us show you what you’re missing out on.

Visit our Adelaide shop to fall in love with your next fitness competition bikini to use in Brisbane, Melbourne or the Gold Coast or browse our inventory online. Book a consultation to begin the creation of any bikini you can envision.