Kiki Vhyce

I've been training for a total of 8 years. When I first walked into a gym I was quite the rookie and had no idea what I wanted to do - you could say I was almost like a typical "fitspo" girl. It took a fair few years in the gym to build my knowledge and flow, as well as really get a feel for what it was I wanted out of my training. Over the years I found more and more inspiration in the bodybuilding industry specifically. I fell in love with the look of strong and empowering women who were striving for their version of the perfect balance between muscularity and femininity. A lot of my inspiration comes from women such as Sharon Marvel, Betty Pariso, Oksana Grishina and Juliana Malacarne, just to name a few. 
I love lifting heavy and this is along with the methodologies behind weight training and science based training is what I've built my physique through. I listen to my body, train smart and push my limits everyday. I follow an IIFYM approach to dieting with more of a clean eating focus as well as making sure I am also feeding my body the right micro-nutrients to rest, grow and recover efficiently.  
I was initially intending to compete a few years ago, however suffered from a cancer scare amongst some other debilitating health issues at the time that put a lot of things in my life on hold. It was a devastating time in my life that I am really thankful I came out of. Since recovering, I have put every ounce of energy into my self-improvement and becoming the strongest and best version of myself I possibly can be - both physically and mentally, as I believe both are equally important. 
I am an official Fundraiser and Advocate for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the White Ribbon Foundation. I also participate as a Speaker for motivational campaigns at schools for Anti-Bullying and at Health Clubs for Weight Loss and Self-Esteem/ Confidence.
I try to take part in as many community based volunteer events to give back and truly help other people and social groups. 


Having such a devastating experience a few years ago with my health really put a lot of things in perspective for me. I am still young, so never once did I think I would go through something like that at my age. I am very lucky to be here today and do not take that for granted. I treasure the gift of life and am thankful for everyday I am still here and encourage others to do the same. Making positive changes and getting back into the swing of things was a major step forward in my mindset after such a setback, but it made all the difference and made me such a stronger more passionate person for not only my dreams but for life itself. The ambition inside drives me to be my absolute best and let nothing from that point onward stand in the way of me and where I want to be, and to uplift others along the way who were struggling with their own setbacks and hardships - no matter how big or small they may be.

Now after another 3 years of hard work and countless hours training – I set my focus on finally stepping up on the competitive stage, something I have always dreamed of from the bottom of my heart. I competed for the first time in May 2017 at the WBFF Gold Coast Show as as a Fitness Diva and took home a Top 3 Placing in my first ever show against some seasoned competitors that had a fair few years of experience on me. It was a very magical day that only re-affirmed my passion for this sport and where I want to go with it. 
In essence, for me, this isn’t all just about getting glammed up for a show, this isn’t just about the aesthetic or superficial side that most see or assume it is all about. The philosophy and story behind the drive, the work involved, the effort of getting back on track and proving to oneself what you are capable of is more a journey of self-fulfilment, and something much more meaningful and important - as it is these elements behind the scenes that make everything come to total fruition for your end goal. 
I'm a hardworking individual with a fiery passion for what I do. I see every day as another opportunity to progress. My journey so far has been nothing short of fulfilling despite it's ups and downs - but, what makes it better is being able to share this journey with those around me and those who support me. I love being able to motivate others to do better and to take accountability for their own happiness and goals.  I am dedicated to my craft and always aim to set and lead by a good example - an attribute that I believe is important in any endeavour of life. My goal is to break boundaries and redefine movements - and share the message that anything is possible as long as you put in the work and never give up.



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