Kath O'Connell

I grew up in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, where I had a fun childhood playing lots sports and athletics. In my early years of high school, I played state hockey and was also a competitive sprinter. I was so focused on my sport that I didn't go to any parties because I was always busy playing sport on weekends and keeping active. As I started getting older, I moved to the city so I could experience the city lifestyle - this is when I stopped exercising altogether. I wanted to make new friends and started being very social; my weekends changed to hanging out with friends and partying. I drank, I smoked, I regularly ate fast food, and just generally became quite unhealthy. Six years later I told myself I would make a change - this is where my fitness journey began.


I was training consistently for a year before I decided to compete. Competing was something I always aspired to do, but it took some time to build up the courage and actually DO IT. Competing has completely changed my life for the better. I have met some amazing people along the way.


When I’m not competing I work full time in Marketing and also have my online coaching business. My mission is to inspire and help women become the best version of themselves both mentally and physically.