Kristyn Schultz

I haven’t always been into fitness. In fact, I’ve only been training consistently for 6 years but over that 6 years I have lost a total of 30kg. More importantly though, are the things that I gained. Confidence, strength, pride and self belief.

The 6 years weren’t easy. I started training because I hated my body. I was self conscious about every bump, every stretch mark and constantly criticised every smallest detail, picked apart everything about my appearance and tore myself down. 

At first, all I wanted was to be skinny. But as I started noticing results, I got hooked. I wanted to lift heavier, look stronger and the mental gains that came with the feeling of accomplishment were incredible. I left a career in fashion to pursue my personal training certifications and I am currently a F45 Trainer, online coach and sponsored athlete. 

I believe that fitness should enhance your life, never consume it and with the help of social media, that is the message I spread. Balance, good vibes and positivity ✌🏼

My journey to the stage began in late 2015. I had only been training consistently since August 2013 and had become obsessed with watching fitness vlogs on YouTube. I stumbled across a few channels of girls documenting their prep and was hooked. I started researching coaches and federations and decided October 2016 would be my first show with the IFBB Pro League. 

At 8 weeks out, I ordered my first Glamfit Bikini. It was a deep purple and I remember the moment it arrived, I literally almost cried when I opened it (I’m on YouTube so there is embarrassingly, proof of this). The day of the show, I had so many people compliment the style, the fit, the colour and just everything about it the one I had chosen. 

I went on to win my first show.  #winnerswearglamfit 

Show 2 came around a year later in 2017. 

Once again, ordered a bikini from Glamfit. This time, it was red and I received first call outs. 

My third show was the state qualifier with the IFBB Pro League in October 2019. I sent Glamfit a photo of the bikini I wanted and gave them complete creative control over the final outcome. It was the most amazing shade of blue and this time, I actually cried when I tried it on for the first time. If you compete, you know the feeling of putting your bikini on after months of hard work. If you don’t know, then you probably think I’m an emotional trainwreck at this point. I walked away from that show with 2nd place. 

2 weeks later, I put my red bikini back on again and won my class at a National level competition. Proudest moment of my life and I couldn’t have done it without Glamfit making me feel like an absolute bedazzled Queen 👑