Lacey Blackman

My name is Lacey Blackman. I'm 31 years old and live in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.

Growing up, I was the “sporty tomboy” and played netball and tennis for many years. I aspired to be a professional tennis player, however after high-school I made a decision to take my career down a different path. Unfortunately, this path was more sedentary and my lifestyle became centred around partying, binge-drinking and making poor nutritional choices that saw me gain quite a bit of weight.

After becoming fed up with my weight gain and desiring to feel confident in my own skin, I underwent a lifestyle transformation from “party girl” to “fit chick”. I enjoyed sharing my personal experiences and helping people so much that I left my desk job to pursue a career as a PT!

Shortly after becoming qualified, I started my personal training and online coaching business “Lean Like Lacey” where for the past 5 years I have been specialising in women’s health & fitness. I attribute the ongoing success of LLL to being able to resonate and connect with my clients on a deeper level, having lived in those “part girl” shoes before! I have continued to build on my skills and knowledge since then, becoming an Accredited Sports Nutritionist and also studying a Diploma in Fitness. I am even back at the Australian Institute of Fitness where my PT journey began, where I am working as a National Online Coach!


Back in 2014, my love for aesthetics naturally progressed to the next stage of my fitness journey - bodybuilding! I wanted to continue challenging myself and pushing the boundaries in any way I could. After competing in three consecutive seasons, I walked away with 10 x Top 5 placings and also earned my status as an ICN Pro Bikini Athlete. In 2017, I transitioned to the IFBB Pro League where I have achieved several Top 5 placings against quite a high calibre of athletes. I proudly wear GlamFit Bikinis to all of my shows, which I think is the secret ingredient to my stage success.

When I'm not training hard at the gym or prepping for a show, I'm in the kitchen whipping up delicious and nutritious creations, exploring Brisbane's hidden cafe treasures and spending quality time with my husband, loved ones and my furbaby, Cuba.