R A C H E L--W H I T E

My weight training journey goes back 15 years ago, after feeling somewhat uncomfortable about my skinny frame. I was never interested in going to the gym or nutrition, I actually loathed the thought of either! But I decided I wanted to add some curves to my pancake bottom, and I knew I had the ability to gain muscle quite quickly. Fortunately for me my background stems from good genetics, so I was able to see results almost straight away. I never had the intention of competing or even gaining obvious muscle, but I soon learned to love the look and the feeling of weight training and kind of just kept going with it, eventually stepping out of the women’s section and into the men’s section of the gym. Coming from Bendigo, there weren’t many country girls weight training at that point in time, so I pretty much had to train with and like the boys did! 
It wasn’t until my original Coach from Bendigo (Danny, owner of Doherty’s gym, Bendigo) suggested I compete. I laughed and told him not to be silly. Over time I started to think more and more about competing, eventually setting my sights on the IFBB Victorian Championships. This was after 7 years of solid weight training. I entered the Figure Novice division and won. It was then suggested to me that I compete the following week at the IFBB Nationals, so I booked my flights and the following week I took out the Figure Open division. I continued to compete with IFBB for a few years, to which I then decided to make the switch to WBFF. I was awarded my Pro Card at my first WBFF competition, and instantly had the WBFF bug. 
The glamour, fashion, support, friendships, as well as the ability to represent ourselves in our own unique way had me addicted. The following year I traveled overseas to Canada for the World Championships, my Pro Debut. I won my division, giving me the title of WBFF Pro Figure World Champion. 
I now coach girls online as my full time work, both off-season, general, and contest prep. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and I also do a little Personal Training here in Melbourne as well.
I will soon be commencing my prep for the 2018 World Championships, followed by the 2018 Australian Pro Show.