Tamara Meyer

My whole life I've never wanted to settle with just being ordinary, even from a young age. When I was born I almost died and the doctor told my mother that I would have problems with my kidneys as I grew up. To combat this I had to do physical activity, and hence my love for ballet was born.

As it turns out, growing up was not easy for me. Not only did my father’s job mean I moved schools every two years, but coming from Germany meant my English was poor and my education was suffering. I attended a drama school to help my reading and writing and my confidence as well, which inevitably brought about my passion for acting.

I have always been someone that’s a fighter, both resilient and determined. In my teens I decided I wanted to be an actor, but there were people that didn’t believe in me. When I was 15 years old I had never met my Grandmother, when I went over to Austria to visit her she didn't like that I wanted to be a performer and put me down for it. From there, an innate desire to prove her and anyone else wrong was born.

I’ve learnt that the naysayers will always put you down in life and say it's impossible, but I urge you all that it's not. I was never someone that had the perfect life, I was never the best at everything, I always had to work hard to get where I am now. I have gone through some depression and rebellious times in my life, but I think when you look at someone that seems like they have it all, I always say there’s more to it than just what you see.

I fell in love with health and exercise because I wasn’t in love with my own body. When I was doing full time dance, it was always about being a skinny dancer which led to bad diets, bad eating habits, taking fat reduction medication and bad thoughts. I partied and did drugs. I was doing all the wrong things and it was ruining my life, which basically led to a breakdown.

When I actually started to clean myself up I started to fall in love with the gym and training and the switch to personal trainer just made sense to me. I knew that through my own journey and experiences, I could truly help others kick their problems to the curb.

When I look back on my life I realise how many of life’s obstacles often led to new passions and opportunities. Another reminder for me to get real and face up to life’s challenges with some pizazz.

When it comes to  Online Coaching I am all about two-way relationships. My philosophy is all about marrying mental wellness with health and exercise while being open and honest. I can’t expect you to give me your all if I don’t as well. I’ll show you exactly what’s achievable by being real, authentic and having some fun at the same time.