Kirsty Botfeild

I am a WBFF PRO, Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Gym Instructor/General Weight-loss Instructor, Dance Teacher, Online Body Transformation Coach and 2 time Oxygen Magazine Cover Girl (2015 and 2016).

I have always been active. I started dancing at age 5 and went on to dance professionally as well as teach and choreograph performances. As a child and through my teens I competed at state level in athletics (sprinting and discus were my events) and karate.

When I turned 16, my Mum took me to join the local gym, because I wanted muscles and a fit body like the female wrestlers I admired and the women of Oxygen Magazine. In my late teens I began Professional Wrestling. I started taking my weight training more seriously to keep my body solid and strong for when versing my opponents, so it would be safe and protected when wrestling. I wrestled live up and down the coast of Australia for 7 years and on Pay TV each week as "Angeleeka".

I started my first business at the age of 18 when I became the director and owner of my own dance school, Kirstar Dance & Talent Factory. I am also a freelance dance instructor at ED5 International.

After an indulgent trip through Europe, I arrived home in a pretty poor state of fitness and aesthetics. I had wanted to compete in body building shows for years, so decided to choose a comp to work for, not only to accomplish a goal, but to give myself a date to work towards in order to get my physique back in shape, instead of perhaps never getting it to where I desired for it to be, and, taking longer than I needed to in getting my health and fitness back. Once I chose the date to compete, I got myself a coach and never looked back, I’ve been competing ever since!

After falling in love with the journey of transforming my body and all things health/fitness/weight training/competition related, I naturally went on to obtain my qualifications (Cert III & IV) in Health and Fitness and studied healthy eating and nutrition to enjoy a career as a Personal Trainer and Online Body Transformation Coach.

Health, strength, fitness, movement, compassion, positivity and happiness is what my life is all about. I am fortunate enough to live it each day through training, sports modelling, dance, competing with WBFF, a plant-based diet, Personal Training and coaching. I would love to inpire and help others to experience the same joys I have and live their best life possible.