Diva Design VS Couture Bikini. What's the difference?

Diva Design VS Couture Bikini. What's the difference?

The most exciting part of prep has come, time to pick out your competition bikini. You have set the date for your WBFF show and have seen so many bikinis on IG and have no idea what is the difference between all the bikinis. Some are Diva Designs, and some are Couture and you wonder to yourself what exactly is the difference?

The main difference between our Diva Designs and Couture Designs is Price. Our Diva Designs are designs we have come up with ourselves that we know are going to work on the WBFF Stage. We have taken the hard work out of the design process so all you need to decide upon is the colour.  As the design is already sorted this means you save money on the design as you don’t have to outlay for the cost of the sketch or time taken discussing the design in detail. Our entire team is trained on how to do ALL Diva designs so we can manufacture any Diva Design in any colour within 5 business days. They are also a great option if you need a bikini in a hurry. Our Diva Designs range in price from $500.00

Couture Designs are as the name suggests, Couture. Meaning to design and manufacture fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements. Every one of our Couture Bikinis are designed and made exactly as you imagine. We spend hours designing and making Couture Bikinis and they are an investment piece. Couture designs are often more elaborate and intricate than our Diva design bikinis and range in price from $750.00.


What is it you are wanting in a bikini? Do you want a beautiful design that is suitable for WBFF but don’t want to break the bank? Perhaps a Diva Design is the way to go. Click here to view our Diva Design Collection

 Want to really spoil yourself or want to take your look to the next level? A Couture bikini is the way to go. Click here for more information on the Couture Bikini ordering process

Don’t stress we keep track of all incoming orders for all WBFF shows, if we notice your order is the similar to an existing order for the same show, we will notify you. We don’t want to see 2 of the same style and colour bikini on stage, just as much as you don’t want the same bikini as someone else.

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