Vivid - Brief Connector

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  • Sold as a pair (x2 connectors)
  • 4mm clear crystals
  • silver plated
  • Each connector is 17.5cm long


Order spare connectors or change the look of your current bikini.

Changing over your connectors is a simple process and can be done by a dressmaker with a sewing machine or by hand with a needle and thread. 

We love every single one of you but unfortunately our time is precious and we do not replace connectors free of charge.


Bikini connectors are delicate and fragile and should be cared for accordingly. We recommend treating like a fine piece of jewellery. As part of the manufacturing process, we carefully check each connector before your product is dispatched to ensure there is no damage.


Connectors break if they have been folded in half, bent, and the metal weakens